As the Pro Motocross season prepares to get back racing again this weekend with Round 9 at Unadilla, we’re spending Tuesday and Wednesday this week with many Southern California Pro riders and surfers. You guessed it, it’s Surfercross week! If you follow So Cal racing events, you may already be familiar with the unique contest of both dirt and water. If not, then here’s a short breakdown of what we are doing in the middle of our week at this year’s Surfercross event. We also have an interview with the mastermind behind the whole thing, Jeremy Albrecht, coming out soon so be sure to stay tuned for that as well.


Well, this is where things get interesting. The event isn’t a traditional motocross race with each rider fighting for their own glory, when you show up Tuesday morning, you’re assigned a teammate. Yep, you’re not racing alone. One pro rider and one pro surfer are teamed up to be a dynamic duo over the two day event. However, it’s not as simple as picking the greatest rider of all time plus the greatest surfer of all time to absolutely crush the field of competition. To start things off, a hat is filled with numbers assigned to a pro rider, which a surfer comes over and grabs. This way, it’s all a matter of luck, or really good guessing with your phalanges.

After you’re either paired up with your companion, the races commence, but the guys and gals in the industry get a chance to have some fun first.

Now, it’s race time. For the first moto, the pros get a chance to grab the holeshot. In the second moto, the surfers duke it out to grab a holeshot. One thing we’ve been told is that the best riders make the worst surfers (and vice versa).

As we get ready for day two, we look forward to the surfing portion. Thankfully for us, and everyone’s viewing pleasure, we’re not surfing. But, we will be grabbing some shots and learning as much as we can about the sport. So stay tuned to the Day two coverage of Surfercross 2022.

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