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Blake Baggett has only raced once so far in 2016. Photo: Suzuki

Not only will James Stewart be sidelined for Phoenix (and beyond) with concussion-related issues, but the word is that fellow Suzuki teammate Blake Bagget will also sit out this weekend’s AMA 450 Supercross. Baggett, who missed the opening of the 2016 season, made his comeback last week at Oakland. But, bruised his shoulder and has decided to let it heal. Team manager Mike Webb, although he doesn’t have a team to manage at the moment, said, “After retiring from the race with vision problems in Oakland, we encouraged James to undergo further testing and make sure he is 100 percent healthy before returning to racing. And Blake took a big hit to the same shoulder he just had surgery on this past weekend. Fortunately, he hasn’t re-broken the shoulder, however it is deeply bruised and at this point he only has limited range of motion. Blake is fairly confident that he should be ready to go by the following round in San Diego.” We have Josh Grant’s phone number if Suzuki needs it.

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