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Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke

Modern folklore would lead one to believe that after Yamaha designed the 2006 YZ250, they threw away the keys to the factory. Not true. The YZ250 has been updated at regular intervals since 2006—perhaps at a glacial rate but updated nonetheless. Modern YZ250 history is carbon-dated from the 2006 model because that is when Kayaba SSS suspension was added to the package to bring the YZ250 to the forefront of the two-stroke universe; however, there were models before 2006 that played a big role in where the YZ250 is today. In 2005, Yamaha introduced its clean and simple plug-and-play aluminum frame, and in 2003 the current engine was developed


Yamaha makes two 250cc two-stroke dirt bikes—the YZ250 motocross bike and the YZ250X offroad bike (above). Many believe that Yamaha put the nail on the coffin for two strokes with the YZ400F. As the first serious four stroke machine, it marked the beginning of the end for two-strokes in professional racing. Contrary to the other Japanese manufacturers, […]