(1) Honda CRF250F. Honda’s line of CRF trail bikes is made specifically for riders who are looking to learn how to ride on a bike that they can control. The CRF250F is the replacement for the CRF230F for 2020, and it comes with fuel injection, an electric start, motocross styling and disc brakes. For $4599, the CRF250F has a seat height that isn’t intimidating and a smooth powerband. This bike is great for adults, young and old, who want to enjoy riding a motorcycle. 

(2) Kawasaki KLX110. The Kawasaki KLX models were made for newer riders to learn on and for experienced riders to have fun on. With a low seat height, plush suspension and an automatic clutch, the KLX110 works well for the first-time rider of almost any size. Kids from ages 7 on up will enjoy the 110, while some smaller adults will also find it easier to learn on the little bike because it’s closer to the ground and not as intimidating as a full-size model. The KLX110 goes for $2299. 

(3) Yamaha PW50. Starting at $1499, the PW50 is the ultimate motorcycle for toddlers and kids ages 2 to 5. The PW50 is the smallest motorcycle on the market, and it comes with a fully adjustable throttle and fully automatic transmission to ensure your child’s first riding experience will be a blast. Many of the top Pros began on YZingers (as the PW50 was called). It hasn’t changed in decades because it doesn’t need to. The PW50 is shaft-driven, meaning that there isn’t any chain maintenance required, and Yamaha’s exclusive auto lube oil-injection system eliminates the need for fuel/oil premixing. (4) Honda CRF50F. Slightly bigger and more advanced than the PW50 is Honda’s CRF50F. This is another popular bike for young children to learn how to ride on. The CRF50F has a three-speed transmission with an automatic clutch that allows young riders to learn how to shift without worrying about stalling the bulletproof four-stroke engine. For just $1549, the maintenance required is extremely low, and they are built to last. 

(5) Suzuki DR-Z70. The DR-Z70 was discontinued in 2018, but there are still many used ones on the market. It is just a small step up from Honda’s XR50. With a few extra cc, the DR-Z engine still has a smooth and controllable powerband. Another nice touch that the PW50 and XR50 don’t have is an electric start. The Suzuki offers a keyed ignition, so your child can’t start the engine unless an adult has it switched on. An adjustable throttle limiter and easy-to-use automatic clutch also help young riders learn how to ride.

(6) Yamaha YZ125. The YZ125 is widely known as one of the most fun bikes on the market. Once you know how to ride (and by that we mean use a clutch, shift gears and handle a full-size machine), the YZ125 works as a great transition bike to take you from the trail to the track. It’s lightweight, durable and has a smooth two-stroke powerband. This bike is safe for newer riders, but it’s also advanced enough for serious racing. At $6499, the Yamaha YZ125 is capable of taking you from the trail to the track to the podium.

(7) OSET MX-10. The Oset MX-10 is an electric motorcycle made for young riders ages 4 to 7. With the bike being virtually silent, the MX-10 opens up more options for riding where noise regulations might be an issue. Maintenance is minimal for Mom and Dad, and without an internal combustion engine, there aren’t any hot parts for your child to burn himself on. Adjustable power, speed and response settings make this the perfect bike to learn the basics on with a price of $3199.

(8) Honda CRF150F. Honda’s CRF150F offers an easy-to-use electric starter, smooth four-stroke powerband and Pro-Link rear suspension that smooths out the ride. The 149cc engine is small enough for beginners yet still has enough torque to keep experienced adults entertained all day long. This bike is a step up from Honda’s smaller bikes, but it’s still basic enough to teach someone how to ride on for $3799.(9) Kawasaki KLX140G. The KLX140 is another popular model for beginners, and it comes in three different wheel sizes. The KLX140G version comes with full-size 21-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels, electric start and comfortable ergonomics while still being 30 pounds lighter than its competitors. The larger wheels make it smoother going over bumps, while the 140cc engine makes for an easy-to-ride package for $3699.

(10) Suzuki DR-Z125L. Suzuki’s DR-Z125L can be compared with Honda’s CRF150 and Kawasaki’s KLX140. It comes with an easy-pull, rack-and-pinion manual clutch that helps newer riders control takeoffs and power delivery. For $3299, the Suzuki features 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels, as well as a front disc brake. Its sharp handling, strong low-end and strong mid-range power provide the get-up-and-go that defines off-road bikes.


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