Zach Osborne won his first 250 National moto of his career in the first moto at High Point.

Jason Anderson, Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin were the best at High Point. Two out of the three–Anderson and Musquin–are on Aldon Baker’s training program. The other–Roczen–used to employ Baker. 

Christophe Pourcel finished sixth overall.

Marvin Musquin scored his first podium of the National season.

Cooper Webb passed both the Martin brothers to take second in the points. He trails Joey Savatgy by 20 points. 

While Eli Tomac had a second place finish in the first moto, his fifth place finish in the second moto landed him in fourth.

Zach Osborne and daughter.

Benny Bloss came back from a last place finish in the first moto to take 19th overall.

Ken Roczen is top dog this season.

Alex Martin dealt with mechanical issues in the first moto. He finished second in the final moto, but the damage had already been done. 

Just like his brother, Jeremy Martin succumbed to a bike problem in the second moto. He went 2-33. His brother went 30-2.

Weston Peick is back, and while a crash put him behind a few positions in the first moto, he finished tenth overall.

Marvin Musquin got the holeshot on popping the champagne.

Austin Forkner rounded out the top five and had an inspired ride in the second moto.

It’s been said High Point has some of the most dedicated fans.

A solid 3-3 day for Jason Anderson resulted in second place.

Joey Savatgy must be getting used to this.

RJ Hampshire finished eleventh overall. He is eighth in points.

Ken Roczen has style for days.

Justin Barcia showed much improvement and flashes of speed. He came away with fifth overall on the day.

Eli Tomac in flight.

Attack mode for Jason Anderson.

Ken Roczen does a little bit of scrubbing.

Alex Martin.

Aaron Plessinger got a podium position in the second moto.

Broc Tickle wheelied out of the start. He finished ninth overall.

Adam Cianciarulo (44) grabbed the second moto holeshot for the second straight race. His conditioning is coming back slowly. Expect Adam to compete for moto wins by the end of the series.

Justin Barcia high fives a fan.

Justin Brayton.

Jordan Smith.

Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin.

Joey Savatgy.

450 start.

Justin Bogle.

Adam Cianciarulo.
Ken Roczen.

Broc Tickle.

RJ Hampshire.

Zach Osborne.

Cooper Webb.

Photos by Scott Mallonee and Brian Converse.

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