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By no means are motocross racers fashion queens. Every time a factory rider goes out in public, a hundred New York fashion bloggers cringe. And, no matter how smug you feel about your personal fashion sense, if you are a motocross racer, you look just like every other motocross racer. A motocrosser’s choice of attire communicates a number of social and psychological messages. Style is not just aesthetic—it is symbolic. We wear the uniform of our subculture. That uniform is typically gaudy tennis shoes, white socks, cargo shorts, cryptically lettered T-shirts, sunglasses and a baseball cap. And, no matter how big or how small the racer is, his clothes are always one size too big. Nothing actually fits. There is, however, a small splinter group of racers who buy their T-shirts at Baby Gap in order to accentuate their bulging motocross-built muscles — which often rival those of female soccer players. Can we realistically expect tastefully tailored casual wear from a group of men who ply their trade dressed in motocross gear that looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a Fruit Loops factory.

But all is not hunky-dory for the fashion clueless. There is one fashion faux pas that has split the motocross world down the middle. Even if you can pronounce “haute couture,” you will be confused by the ears-in versus ears-out conundrum. The MXA wrecking crew sheds some light the sport’s biggest fashion mistake since Dolphin shorts. What do you do with your ears?


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