James Stewart gets the cover, but has to share it with a trio of MXA project bikes?a YZ250 two-stroke, KTM 250SX two-stroke and KX450F (there are two other full-blown project bikes inside as well).

Not as many kids wish to grow up to be the President of the United States as an MXA test rider. Only a handful ever make the Commander-In-Chief..because less make it as an MXA test rider. Meet 12 men who did.

Two former MXA test riders are Larry Brooks and Jeremy McGrath. You can read their personal stories in the May issue.

Lance Moorewood (above) was the king of MXA test riders in the 1980s. Lance could do almost anything on a bike. In the May 2012 issue we profile 12 of the most famous test riders?including Cole Seely, Dennis Stapleton, Willy Musgrave, Pete Maly, Gary Jones, Doug Dubach, Clark Jones, Bill Keefe, David Gerig and others.

Husqvarna hired a Formula 1 engineer, from the BMW F1 team, to redesign the 2012 Husqvarna TC250 engine. We tell you what he did and if it made a difference.

How stupid can the sanctioning bodies be, you don’t need to answer that question. They all want to “own” the names of the classes…so they come up with stupid names.

You’ll be surprised how similar motocross bikes are to commodities like copper, wheat and F22 Raptors.

History has a strange way of being polluted by Johnny-Come-Lately historians. MXA went to the sources to tell the stories behind a series of old school photos. Our sources are in the photos.

What would you do to a KTM 250SX two-stroke if money was no object? Would you spend $7000 on Showa works suspension? We did.

Every month MXA harks back to the “Men Who Made Us Who We Are.” This month?Magoo.

Think of this as a project designed to show Yamaha how easy it would be to make a 2012 YZ250 that doesn’t owe everything to the 2006 model.

Davi is maturing into the motorcycle racer that everyone thought he could be.. of course, it is too late to help his old Team Suzuki and Team Honda bosses, but he could be the gem in Joe Gibbs program.

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