On the cover: How much can be in one issue of MXA?  We are going to give you a sampling of the April 2020 issue of MXA below.

The 2020 Husqvarna TC250 two-stroke still has a carb, which makes it a hot-rod for now—fuel-injection is coming though. This test tells you more about the TC250 that you’ll find anywhere else.

Jeff Stanton won six AMA Championships in a short four-year period. When he retired, he worked for Team Honda as their consultant for 10 years. He knows what he is talking about. Read what he says about Ken Roczen.

We show you how to get 60.83 horsepower out of a 2020 Yamaha YZ450F,  just by making changes to the YZ450F airbox. It only made 58.04 horses before our filter mods.

On the Mainjet is a catch-all for news, data, tips and facts. Did you know it was Chad’s Reed 38th birthday yesterday? Do you know what numbers make up Travis Preston’s 2020 YZ450F map? Did you hear about Formula1 switching to two-strokes in 2025? Do you know the difference between Europe’s “Tony Cairoli Edition” and America’s “Factory Edition.” You would have known all this by just by reading these two pages.

See this Penton 125 Six-Days. Cool looking, isn’t it? But the story of how John Penton got KTM to make it for him is equally cool.

Chad Reed’s 2020 Farewell Tour has hit the skids with the cancellation of the next five Supercross events, but we thought we’d show you his Mountain Motorsports blue CRF450 — shades of Team Peak!

We know a guy, who kept his old 2002 Honda CR250 two-stroke in his garage for 18 years. He said that he couldn’t sell it when four-strokes came on the scene and just forgot about it. Luckily, he remembered and built a great 2002 CR250 — albeit 18 years later.

If you’d like to get back to the fun days of pit bike riding, you need to take a look at the YCF Bigy 190MX. It may be made in China, but we didn’t break it and, if we had, all the parts are available in the USA.

Way before Wuhan was in the news, the MXA wrecking crew went to an FIM test race for a potential Chinese GP in the resort town of Gudou Hot Springs—where MXA’s Dennis Stapleton took Ryan Surratt on a journey he’ll never forget.

Ryan Surratt (center) won the International class, while Dennis Stapleton (far right) finished fourth. It wasn’t as easy as that sounds — Dennis almost got arrested, the police stopped the race and the International class was only held after the Chinese spectators had left.

Back in 2008, the MXA wrecking crew threw a leg over James Stewart’s “Perfect Season” Kawasaki KX450F. Journey back in time with us to learn what Bubba’s bike actually felt like. In a word—Stiff.

MXA’s Trevor Nelson just happened to be in the right place during Jett Lawrence’s wrong time at Anaheim 2.

If you never knew about it, you couldn’t actually forget it, but the MXA wrecking crew could because we found it in KTM’s R&D department.

The ten most important facts you need to know about racing a 2020 Yamaha YZ250… or a 2006 model for that matter.

You would be all set with your FXR Revo gear and 6D ATR-A Switch helmet secured in you Ogio Rig T-3 gear bag—especially if you were wearing a Factory Effex Yamaha windbreaker.

If you worked real hard, studied in school (a real school) and didn’t run away to join the circus at 15 years old, you to could have a dream job in the motocross industry just like Austin, Dag and Kris.

You never hear much about decompression braking, that’s because it is term that was coined during the days when four-strokes were rarer than hen’s teeth—but today it’s a big deal… in the engineering departments of the Big Six manufacturers.

Not every product made is magic for every rider, but if you need it, someone in the aftermarket will go to extremes to make it for you.

The buzz words in the gear business over the last three years are “athletic fit.” What does athletic fit mean? It means it’s made for pure performance, especially for AMA Pros. Thor’s MX Prime Pro gear is the prime example of what’s available.

Twenty years ago in MXA we were doing the same things that the MXA wrecking crew is doing today — except back then we flew to Italy to check out the ill-fated Vertematti 512cc four-stroke, headed back to SoCal to test the first-ever custom-built freestyle bike (and took Mike Metzger with us) and then jetted off to the Indianapolis Dealer Show to see what was new for 2000.

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