Rob Andrews’ eagerly awaited new book, “The Inside Line: Racing the 500cc World Motocross Championship” is now available at

The Inside Line: Racing the 500cc World Motocross Championship”’ critically acclaimed book, “The Inside Line: Racing the 500cc World Motocross Championship” (Second Edition) is back on sale at After receiving rave reviews from press and public alike, “The Inside Line” first press run sold out in three weeks. Now back in print “The Inside Line” offers a detailed, and first-hand account of life of a professional GP racer competing in the heydays of the 1980s. There are facts that will surprise you, anecdotes that will make you laugh, and brutally honest, never-before-published information.

Tracing the journey of the British former 500 GP star, from unremarkable amateur through to factory Kawasaki rider, GP contender, and member of Great Britain’s 1985 Motocross des Nations team, “The Inside Line” is a unique, comprehensive, and fascinating first-hand account of what it was really like to race in the 500cc World Motocross Championship during its 1980s heyday.

Incredibly detailed, and unlike any publication that has come before, the reader will learn how the whole World Championship system worked, and discover what it was like to be a professional racer, riding a full-factory 500 against some of the sport’s most decorated stars, and on many of the most famous and revered grand prix motocross circuits. 

Never-before-published images from some of the sport’s most acclaimed photographers highlight the book. Author Rob Andrews says: “I feel very fortunate that the best years of my GP racing career coincided with an incredibly memorable period for the 500cc World Championship. To be able to share my own experiences of that great time in motocross Grands Prix is equally exciting.”

Rob Andrews is not just another pretty face who can race a motorcycle, he is a story teller that takes you inside and behind the scenes of what its like to race the FIM 500cc World Championships. The Namur Chapter is worth the price.

“Inside Line, litho printed on the finest silk art paper, is a mammoth, heavyweight, 416-page hardback book of uncompromising quality. It has over 400 photographs from the sport’s most acclaimed photographers. Available for world-wide shipping, the book can be ordered at


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