Loretta Lynn’s is the # 1 race in the Amateur Racing circuits. Great SX and MX Champions have claimed championships on this mystic track. Champfactory MX Schools has joined forces with multi time champions to bring the best training and preparation for this event. Tortelli a multi time World Champion, Langston a World and US National champion, Wharton a multi time Amateur and Loretta Lynn’s Champion have joined forces to open a state-of?the-art training Camp in Texas for the month of July.

The Champs are fully committed to train you, share their experiences of racing, refine your techniques in all track conditions, sharpen your physical condition, build up your mental skills and push your own limits on and off the track. Each rider will be train by all 3 Champs depending on your camp selection.

The Training Camps will take place at Blake Wharton’s personal track in Pilot Point, Texas close to Lake Ray Roberts State Park. The champs decided to take the camps to Texas since the weather conditions will be similar to the Loretta Lynn’s. No matter what, rain or shine we will ride.

The Camps will start on the 4th of July, they will be divided into 3 one week training sessions, a 1 week end camp and a 3 day camp. The camps will finish on the 28th of July.
Riders can join for 1, 2 or 3 weeks or any camps depending on availability.

For more information and sign up visit: www.Champfactory com  Tel: (858) 866-6107

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