Travis Pastrana back in his 125 days. 

In the midst of a lightning storm, the 2000 AMA 125/250 National circuit resumed at Southwick, Massachusetts. This was the fourth round of the 12-race series. And the youth movement was in full glory with Travis Pastrana winning his first-ever 125 National and Ricky Carmichael winning his second-ever 250 National. It was both a joyous day and a heartbreaking one for Robbie Reynard, who had his best day ever in the 250 class, but could have won.


In the first 125 moto, Nathan Ramsey grabbed the holeshot with Ernesto Fonseca, Travis Pastrana, Tallon Vohland, Wally Silva, Steve Lamson, Stephane Roncada, Greg Schnell and Brock Sellards in hot pursuit. Local hero Wally Silva stayed in the top five until halfway, and still managed a seventh in the first moto. But, the pace up front was intense. Ramsey, Fonseca, Pastrana, Vohland and Lamson set a pace that no one else in the 40-man field could match. Unfortunately, for Ernesto and Tallon, this would not last. They had an altercation and both ended up in mid-pack. Just after halfway Pastrana took the lead from Ramsey, while Lamson and Roncada battled over third. It was a battle that Lamson lost, losing ground to not only Roncada but Brock Sellards as well. Pastrana won the first moto by 30 seconds over Roncada, Sellards, Lamson and Ramsey. Tallon Vohland came back to eighth.

Talon Vohand back in 2000 aboard a Pro Circuit KX125. 

David Pingree led the second 125 moto, but was quickly passed by Vohland, Fonseca and Pastrana. In quick succession Pastrana moved up behind Vohland and the two riders begin an epic duel (one that included several mid-air collisions). By midway, the running order was Vohland, Pastrana, Fonseca, Lamson and Casey Johnson. Vohland and Pastrana fought like cats and dogs right to the checkered flag, swapping the lead and bumping into each other. Pastrana closed the deal on the last lap (although he didn’t need to beat Vohland to win the overall). Vohland was a disapponting second with Steve Lamson third.

Travis aboard a factory Suzuki RM125. 


With lightning striking near the track, the gate fell for the first 250 moto and Shayne King, Robbie Reynard and Damon Huffman led the pack, while Mike LaRocco and Ricky Carmichael both fell down. Robbie Reynard passed King to take the 250 lead for the first time this season (or ever). Everyone expected Windham, Vuillemin or Carmichael to rocket by Robbie. But, Reynard held his lead, while Vuillemin wavered just inside the top ten, Carmichael was just outside the top ten and Windham hovered in third (behind Reynard and Tortelli). Reynard maintained the lead for six laps before he made a mistake and lost the lead to Tortelli. With four laps to go, the running order was Tortelli, Reynard, Lusk, Windham, Albertyn and Carmichael. Tortelli won the first moto over a surprising (to say the least) Robbie Reynard, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael, Greg Albertyn, John Dowd, Larry Ward, Damon Huffman and Tim Ferry rounding out the top ten.

Mike LaRocco on his Amsoil Honda CR250. 

Shayne King holeshot the second 250 moto (also), while Robbie Reynard’s Cinderella day almost came to an end when he got stuck in the gate. On the first lap Carmichael came around in front of King, LaRocco, Huffman, Windham, Narita, Lusk, Albee, Treadwell, Ferry and Vuillemin. Carmichael had no competition. He built a massive lead and kept it. But, would his first moto fifth be good enough to win the day?

Tim Ferry aboard his Chaparral Yamaha YZ250. 

By halfway, Reynard had cracked the top ten and needed to make passes to get the overall win. There was no doubt that RC would win the second moto, but what about the overall? With one lap to go the outcome was in doubt. Carmichael had a 5-1, Reynard a 2-4 and Tortelli a 1-5. One pass, by any of the riders, would clinch the day. But, when the points were counted, Ricky Carmichael beat Sebastien Tortelli for the overall (they were tied with 41 points). Robbie Reynard, on his greatest day ever in the 250 class, was third with 40 points.

Damon Huffman on a factory Suzuki RM250. 

Ricky and his factory Kawasaki KX250. 

Sebastien Tortelli. 

1. Travis Pastrana…1-1
2. Stephane Roncada…2-4
3. Steve Lamson…4-3
4. Tallon Vohland…8-2
5. Casey Johnson…6-5
6. Brock Sellards…3-14
7. Nick Wey…9-8
8. Ernesto Fonseca…14-6
9. David Pingree…15-7
10. Scott Carter…1-11

1. Ricky Carmichael…5-1
2. Sebastien Tortelli …1-5
3. Robbie Reynard …2-4
4. Kevin Windham…4-7
5. Greg Albertyn…6-6
6. Ezra Lusk…3-13
7. John Dowd…7-8
8. Mike LaRocco…19-2
9. David Vuillemin…38-3
10. Tim Ferry…10-9

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