What to do if the forks are a tad soft? If you’re Weston Peick you carry the front end through the rough stuff. Yes, the RM125 had enough zip and punch to pull a wheelie in the sand while being weighed down by Peick. Just another reason why two-strokes are too much fun. Photo: Paul Sachak/Armored Graphix

It is not every day that you see top riders like Weston Peick and Justin Barcia throw a leg over a 2007 Suzuki RM125 two-stroke. It was a sight to behold, not just because 125cc two-strokes sound amazing in the hands of a Pro rider, but also because Weston Peick is built like an inside linebacker. Weston was initially hesitant to drop the hammer and send it to the boys. However, his reservations quickly washed away. The trusty RM125 held up to Peick’s abuse. Weston launched several big jumps down at the ClubMX main track back in 2017, much to the delight of those lucky enough to be in attendance.

Weston Peick spent some quality time on the JGRMX Suzuki RM125 for the cameras back in 2017. After a few laps, Peick realized that less shifting meant more fun. Photo: Paul Sachak/Armored Graphix


How low can you go? If you’re Justin Barcia on an RM125 two-stroke and have access to premium traction, the answer is very low. Justin put down a few fast laps on the bike. When he was done he was barely breathing hard. It sure would be something if MX Sports and the manufacturers could somehow work out a one-off two-stroke race featuring all of the top Pro racers.

Pro riders have a tendency of wanting what other Pro’s have. Originally JGRMX built the Suzuki RM125 for Weston Peick to ride when he flew out from California during two weeks of testing in North Carolina. Lo and behold, Justin Barcia rolled into town on Tuesday and spotted the RM125 looking shiny and new in the JGRMX entryway. Immediately “Bam Bam” wanted his turn on the bike. After finishing up suspension testing at the JGRMX test track, he hopped on the two-smoker. What happened next was mind-blowing. Barcia uncorked a display of aggression and insanity normally reserved for inside an octagon. Justin somehow, rather impossibly, cleared every jump on the JGRMX motocross track. Things got so outlandish that JGRMX team manager Jeremy Albrecht told Justin to dial it back a notch. Needless to say, Barcia had a blast on the Suzuki RM125.

We’d pay to see Justin Barcia and Weston Peick race this JGRMX RM125 two-stroke!


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