When past meets the present. 

“My name is Troy Spencer. I own TSR Products in Australia. We make billet engine cases to suit 500cc two-stroke engines and make aluminum frame conversion kits to suit two-stroke engines. The bike we built with these parts we made was a 2016 Kawasaki KX450F with only five hours on it. From there we completely removed the stock frame rails, engine mounts and “Y” piece so we could replace them with parts we designed.  In-house on our CNC mill we made parts to suit the 1989-2004 KX500 engine. We tested a lot and tried to keep them looking like they came from the factory. The parts that needed to be made were an all-new  “Y” piece, frame rails, all engine mounts, muffler mounts, pipe mounts, coil mounts, CDI mounts, custom rubber air boot that mates to the stock KX450F airbox and fuel pump.

An unclose look at the engine. Notice the trick decompression release on the head made by Adam Millar and the unique Smart Carb. 

“We also made our own radiators with billet tanks to suit the updated KX500 engine, but still mount up to the KX450F frame and plastics. We took the air forks off and replaced them with a set of spring forks from a 2015 KX450F and mounted them to a set of billet EZ3 triple clamps and Renthal bars. Being that the bike had only five hours on it we didn’t need to replace much on the chassis. On the other hand, the dated KX500 engine needed a full rebuild that consisted of all new OEM bearings and seals, some new transmission parts, new clutch, all new bolts, Vforce 2 reeds, Adam Millar ported the cylinder and modded the head and added the decompression button, Wossner piston and connecting rod, 40mm billet Smart Carb and of course we used our own TSR Products (billet cases with hydraulic clutch and billet two-piece clutch housing) with a Boyesen water pump by using our billet two-piece clutch cover and relocating the water inlet to the rear of the cylinder.  This allowed us to use a slightly modified CR500 Pro Circuit pipe and muffler fixing one of the biggest problems when doing a KX500 engine conversion because the pipe hits on the stock cover and water inlet on the side of the cylinder.  We do sell this conversion kit to suit KX500 engines and KX250 two-stroke engines.”–Troy Spencer from Australia 

The other side of the trick KX500 AF. 

A slightly modified CR500 Pro Circuit pipe was used. 

Notice the fully custom TSR-made radiators. 

A closer look at the trick Smart Carb. 


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