Travis Pastrana’s RMZilla FMF pipe from the 2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm. 

Two-stroke pipes are a work of art. We have put together a gallery full of our favorite two-stroke pipes throughout the years. Everything from cone pipes, nickel-plated pipes, factory pipes and even pancake pipes. Enjoy and make sure not to drool too much.

A custom KX500 pipe. 

Brett Metcalfe’s Yamaha of Troy YZ125 used a factory FMF Fatty pipe.

This Pro Circuit cone pipe off a TM 300MX  is a prototype that is not for sale.

On Ricky Carmichael’s championship winning 2005 Suzuki RM250 a works Pro Circuit pipe was used.

The Pro Circuit pipe of Mike Brown MXDN bike that was never raced. 

Scalvini cone pipe on a KTM 300TPI. 

This is Johnny O’Mara’s 1986 MXDN winning factory Honda CR125. They used an in-house factory built pipe.

Josh Hanson’s CR250 with a Bill’s pipe he raced at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. 

Bud Racing pipes are built by HGS. This one is used on a 2005 Kawasaki KX125.

The CR250 Ken Roczen raced at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and won. 

Honda Japan factory built cone pipe.

Ricky Carmichael’s factory CR250 pipe. 

MX-Tech KTM 150SX. 

Tim Ferry’s factory YZ250. 

Bud Racing HGS pipe for a Kawasaki KX85.

The stock pipe of a 2005 RM250. 

Cone pipe on a 1999 TM 125. 

The pipe on an old ATK. 

Jeremy McGrath’s Peak Honda CR125 used a works Pro Circuit pipe. 

The FMF pipe on Damon Bradshaw’s GasGas. 

The Pro Circuit pipe off Ryan Villopoto’s KX250. 

The Factory Honda pipe of one of Jeremy McGrath’s last CR250’s he raced. 

A KX500 engine stuffed into a KTM chassis with a custom FMF pipe. 

The stock pipe on a 2004 Kawasaki KX250.

We recently tested this FMF Factory Fatty on our 2017 KTM 250SX.

Pro Circuit pipe on a 2004 CR250. 

A Bud Racing pipe on a 2003 Honda CR250.

The Doma Racing pipe that was used on Grant Langston’s KTM 250SX.

A Pro Circuit pipe on a 1986 Honda CR250. 

James Stewart’s factory KX250SR. 

The FMF cone pipe of Scott Sheak 1998 CR125.

Scalvini cone pipe on on RM250. 

Scalvini cone pipe on our 2017 Husky TC250.

The FMF Racing pipe of Malcolm Stewart’s RM250. 

The 2018 YZ125 of Ryan Villopoto’s that we tested. 

The pipe of a 1988 KTM 500. 

FMF Factory Fatty on our 2016 KTM 150SX project bike.

Pro Circuit pipe on a Service Honda CR500AF. 

Mitch Payton built one-off pipes for the Factory Connection team. These pipes had massive center cones designed to work with the long-rod CR125 engine.

FMF Grarly pipe on a KX500AF.

Jeremy McGrath’s factory 1995 Honda CR250 had a full in-house works cone pipe.

Two-stroke exhaust on a shifter kart engine. 

Our Twisted Development 2007 YZ250 was built with an FMF Factory Fatty.

Stock pipe on a YZ490.

Travis Pastrana’s FMF pipe off the Suzuki RM250 that he raced at the MXDN. 

We used a Works Pro Circuit pipe on our 2015 Yamaha YZ125 project bike.

We bolted this nickel plated FMF Fatty on our 1994 Honda CR125 project bike.

Ryan Villopoto’s custom Pro Circuit pipe for his YZ125. 

We have been currently testing this 2002 KX500 project bike. There is a custom built FMF Gnarly pipe on it. The full article will be published in the April issue of MXA.

This is Hakan Carlqvist’s 1983 World Championship winning Yamaha YZ490. It had what was called a “pancake pipe” that was used as a scoop to draw air through the cylinder fins.

Mitchell Harrison’s KX125 Ricky Carmichael replica. 

Scalvini pipe on a Yamaha YZ125.

A custom red painted FMF pipe.

The Bud Racing exhaust on Carson Brown’s Red Bull Straight Rhythm winning TC125. 

2001 Honda CR500 stock exhaust. 

FMF two-stroke pipe being made.

Factory-looking cone pipe on a 1989 CR125. 

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