Travis raced the first three premier Supercross races in 2001 to prepare for the 125 East series. 

Travis Pastrana’s first year Pro was in 2000 aboard a Factory RM125. Travis was only 16 years old and placed 3rd in the 125 East Supercross series behind Stephane Roncada and Brock Sellards. In the outdoor Nationals, Travis went on to win 5 races in the series to win the title in his first year.

Travis was just 17 years old when he raced Anaheim 1 in 2001 against riders like Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael. 

Going into the 2001 year, Factory Suzuki let Travis race an RM250 for the first 3 races of the season. His priority was the 125 East Supercross series, but Travis wanted to see where he stood in the big boy class against seasoned guys like Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael and Mike LaRocco.

Travis placed 5th in the opening round at A1 in 2001. 

In Travis’ first race in the opening round of the 2001 Supercross season at Anaheim, the 17-year-old placed 5th behind Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Ricky Carmichael and Mike LaRocco. It was a high for Travis to be battling against guys that he looked up to as a kid.

Travis went on to win the 2001 AMA 125 East Supercross title. 

In the next two races Travis didn’t fare as all. Travis placed 20th in both San Diego and Anaheim 2. He did however go on to win his first and only Supercross championship in the 125 East that year.

A young Travis Pastrana. 

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