The 2020 St. Louis Supercross track map. 


Round two of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season is set to kick off this Saturday January 11th in St. Louis, Missouri inside of The Dome at America’s Center. The 280 million dollar stadium built in1992 has the ability to hold over 82,000 spectators and luckily “The Dome” part means that it has a permanent roof which means we don’t have to worry about the rain and snow that are expected on Saturday. With an expected high of 43 degrees and low of 24 degrees, we are extra happy about that roof.

The St. Louis SX track has a long start straight that heads into a left hand sweeper which leads into a long rhythm section. This is much like the Anaheim 1 track, save for the long start. We thought it was going to be a disaster bunching riders up coming in a technical rhythm section, but it turned out okay. We will see how it works in “The Dome” this Saturday. Another under over is incorporated into the St. Louis SX track, instead both the under and over will be used as the track in Missouri. After going under the bridge, riders will head down the long start straight into a tight right hand corner that leads into a long set of whoops. Then, after another long technical rhythm riders will make a left and double across the start straight, then make a 180 degree right turn to then again jump the start straight. Then finally they will make a left and jump the back side of the first turn berm back on the start straight that heads back onto the first rhythm section.

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2020 St. Louis Supercrossst. louisst. louis track mapSUPERCROSSsxtrack map