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Trey Canard might not be ready for the start of the AMA Nationals on May 20.

Trey Canard – After a season already decimated by injuries and missed races, Trey Canard was sitting out the rest of the Supercross season, but, unfortunately,  broke his collarbone while practicing for the outdoors.
Broc Tickle — Fractured a bone in his wrist while testing at the Suzuki test track. He is on indefinite leave.
Cole Seely
— Will be back at New York to give his torn adductor muscle a go. He wants to hold on to his top five in 2017 Supercross points—plus Honda doesn’t have anyone else.
Colt Nichols – Crashed practicing between races and suffered an MCL tear. Colt missed the start of the 2017 season with a broken femur (and switched from the 250 West to the 250 East). We saw him testing at Glen Helen on Thursday, so he will be back for the Nationals.

Alex Martin will join his brother Jeremy on the sideline to wait for the AMA Nationals.

Alex Martin — Still suffering from the aftereffects of the Christian Craig incident. Alex has elected to sit out the rest of the Supercross season.
Jeremy Martin — The Geico Honda 250 West rider dropped out of the 250 Supercross series to get ready for the 250 Nationals.
Cody Gilmore —
Gilmore went down in the first turn in St. Louis and suffered a non-displaced fracture of his C3 and C7.
Jimmy Albertson –
Crashed in qualifying for Daytona—cracked vertabrae, dislocated sternum and other injuries.
Chase Marquier
— Broken shoulder blade and separated shoulder when he was landed on in Seattle.
Noah McConahay
– Underwent surgery for a broke lumbar 5 vertebrae after a crash in Seattle.

Weston Peick was one of four JGR riders to be injured in 2017.

Weston Peick – Wrist injury that required surgery, but had the pins removed recently and will be back for the 450 Nationals.
Matt Biscelgia – Originally broke his foot and switched to the 250 East. Then, when getting ready for Toronto, he crashed and broke his tib and fib.
Chase Sexton – Crashed in Atlanta and broke his femur. This was Sexton’s first-ever 250 Supercross.
Benny Bloss –
Crashed in Minneapolis and dislocated his shoulder and broke his upper arm. He is out until the AMA Nationals.

Ken Roczen is slowly recovering. He still has a long recovery period.

Ken Roczen – Dislocated elbow, dislocated wrist and compound radius after his crash in A2. He will be out for the season.
Christophe Pourcel –
Citing lingering injuries, Husqvarna sat Christophe down and replaced him with Dean Wilson. Pourcel will race the Canadian Nationals, which start in June.
R.J. Hampshire – Broken tib/fib in Toronto. Will sit out until the AMA Nationals.
Phil Nicoletti – Phil crashed in practice in Texas. Injured his ankle and had to have surgery.

Colton Aeck will be out for the rest of the 2017 season after his Dallas accident.

Colton AeckWas landed on in Dallas and suffered fractured vertabrae and other injuries. Out for the rest of the year.
Tommy Hahn
— Because of an assortment of ills, Tommy will step aside and have Alex Ray fill-in for him (maybe permanently).
Chris Alledrege — A collapsed lung, lacerated liver and four fractured lumbar vertabra.
Logan Karnow –  Logan crashed during Detroit’s 250 East qualifying and underwent surgery for two fractured vertabrae.

Mike Alessi broke his collarbone before St, Louis, but will skip the rest of the Supercross season to get ready for Canada. Photo: Brian Converse

Mike Alessi – Broke his collarbone at Press Day before the St. Louis Supercross. Mike will most likely miss the rest of the Supercoss season, the World Two-Stroke Championship (where he is the defending champion) and start preparing for the 2017 Canadian Nationals, where he has a Kawasaki ride lined up.
Cameron McAdoo – Will be back for New York from his cut hand.
Nick Gaines — Broke his collarbone in Minneapolis.
Dustin Pipes – Broke his collarbone in Detroit.

Photos: Brian Converse and Daryl Ecklund

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