Blake Baggett.

AMA Motocross has rarely seen such a competitive season. In 450 motocross, three riders from three different teams are dueling for supremacy, while in 250 motocross, three riders from the same team have already proved their supremacy?they are just waiting to see which one of them gets the title.

The bad news from Washougal was that Trey Canard scrubbed a jump, hit his front wheel off the top of the hump and rag-dolled down the hill. He was taken away in an ambulance with another fractured femur (similar to the one he just recovered from). Tough luck for a great rider. A word to every young rider, don’t scrub unless you are willing to pay the price of a mistake.


Chad Reed was understandably detuned from his sky shot crash from last weekend. He settled for a 7-4 day and declared it “good enough.”

Ryan Villopoto came to Washougal 6 points behind Chad Reed in the title chase…and even though Ryan Villopoto’s 1-2 wasn’t good enough for the overall win (and the $100,000 Kawasaki bonus money…which is what makes overall wins important to the factory riders), it was good enough to take over the points lead from Ryan Dungey by one point. Reed went from 6 points ahead to 9 point behind. Ryan Dungey took the victory with a 2-1.

“The first moto was good,” said Dungey. “I was slow in the first few laps, but I was able to inch up on (Ryan Villopoto) and find some lines. I tried to make the pass, but he pinched me off. I tried again, and hit something, which spun me right around. I got a good restart in moto 2, and Villopoto was on me, but I found some good lines and started to pull away. To be back in position to win the title brings a sense of joy; to work so hard for something. We just have to take it one moto at a time for the rest of the year. Everyone’s speed is really good right now.”

“Ryan Dungey was riding better than me in the second moto,” said Villopoto. “He had some better lines. But, it feels good to have the red plate (and points lead). It’s a big step, but we still got some things to work on, and we’ll continue to try and improve. I haven’t won here at Washougal yet, but everything was going well. I just didn’t have it there at the end of the second moto.”

Rubbing salt into Chad Reed’s wounds at Washougal was that fellow Aussie Brett Metcalfe caught and passed Reed to take third away from him in the second moto. Brett Metcalfe rounded out the overall podium, with his best finish of the season in third (4-3).


Dean Wilson.

As always the TV announcers could not figure out who was winning and who was losing the 250 class, but after getting it messed up for most of the moto it became clear to them on the last lap. MXA has always said that the results of the day’s racing should be based on the Olympic system…in which the lowest moto scores determines the winner…not the mathematical challenge (at least for the TV announcers) of adding up points. This happens almost every week, and should be proof that using the series points to determine the winner of day is too hard for the fans to calculate…especially if the in-the-know announcers can’t get it right. Series points should count for the title chase, but moto scores should determine the day’s winner.

In the end Blake Baggett’s 1-3 beat Tyla Rattray’s 2-2 and Dean Wilson’s 4-1. In the real world (the one that 99.9 percent of motocross racers live in), Rattray would have won the overall with a 2-2, Baggett would have been second and Wilson third. No matter how you add up the points, it was another Pro Circuit rout of the 250 class. The first non Pro Circuit rider was Kyle Cunningham. Cunningham and Gareth Swanepoel were fourth and fifth and proved that the Yamaha YZ250F is a force in the fuel-injected world?even though it has something called a “carburetor!”

“The second moto was typical for me,” said Baggett. “I got a bad start and made my life hard. I had a crash,  just a tip over, but I was forced to pass some people back. It turned out good, but I had no clue I won. I saw third on the pit board, but I thought I needed it to get on the podium. Hopefully I made up some points, but I’m going to just keep doing work and head to Unadilla.”

Tyla Rattray.

Currently, 13 points separate Wilson from Rattray in the 250 Championship. Baggett sits an additional four points back in third. No one but a Pro Circuit rider has won an AMA 250 National this year.

The AMA National Motocross Championship takes a two-week break, so that the MX Sports crew can go to Loretta Lynn. The series resumes in Unadilla on August 13 with round 9 of 12.

1. Ryan Dungey…(2-1)
2. Ryan Villopoto…(1-2)
3. Brett Metcalfe…(4-3)
4. Chad Reed…(7-4)
5. Justin Brayton…(6-5)
6. Mike Alessi…(9-6)
7. Tommy Hahn…(8-7)
8. Andrew Short…(5-10)
9. Jimmy Albertson…(11-9)
10. Michael Byrne…(10-12)

1. Ryan Villopoto…341
2. Ryan Dungey…340
3. Chad Reed…332
4. Brett Metcalfe…247
5. Kevin Windham…193
6. Andrew Short…183
7. Mike Alessi…178
8. Davi Millsaps…173
9. Jake Weimer…159
10. Tommy Hahn…140

1. Blake Baggett…(1-3)
2. Tyla Rattray…(2-2)
3. Dean Wilson…(5-1)
4. Kyle Cunningham…(3-7)
5. Gareth Swanepoel…(7-4)
6. Justin Barcia…(4-10)
7. Malcolm Stewart…(8-8)
8. Martin Davalos,…(13-5)
9. Darryn Durham…(11-9)
10. Broc Tickle…(9-16)

1. Dean Wilson…346
2. Tyla Rattray…333
3. Blake Baggett… 329
4. Kyle Cunningham…233
5. Eli Tomac…201
6. Broc Tickle…187
7. Justin Barcia…181
8. Gareth Swanepoel…177
9. Martin Davalos…152
10. Darryn Durham…144

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