RedBud #2 held four surprises; (1) In a 250 scrum that kept everyone in suspense, R.J. Hampshire took his Husky to the top step of the podium, while all eyes were on Jeremy Martin and Dylan Ferrandis—who were elsewhere occupied in moto one. (2) Adam Cianciarulo took his first-ever 450 National victory with a 1-3 score. We can’t say that it was a long time coming (only five races), but it was a very popular victory. (3) Blake Baggett, and we mean the old hard charging Blake Baggett who used to win 250 Nationals with late races charges to the front, is back. Blake got the second step on the 450 podium with a 6-1 day. (4) The common racing refain is that if you can lead one lap, you can lead all of them with better preparation, training and concentration. If that’s true, Ty Masterpool is going to win one of the four remaining 250 Nationals of 2020 (if they actually hold four more). He is a fast starter and capable of leading well past halfway—he is just unlucky, unprepared, untrained or un-nerved in the last couple laps. His time is coming.

As for the nuts and bolts of RedBud #2, 450 Points leader Zach Osborne gained points on Eli Tomac, while 250 points leader Jeremy Martin lost a few points to Dylan Ferrandis.

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