Ryan Dungey gets to be the cover boy of the April 2012 issue of MXA (and he was on the cover of the January 2012 issue also). In a season that has seen Supercross contenders fall by the wayside, Dungey’s fast, but conservative, approach just might be the hot ticket by the end of the series.

The MXA gang decided to move into the dyno room for a month and run every 2012 450cc motocross bike on the torture rack until we could decipher what it all means. We don’t just run the numbers, we explain them also.

We explain why Broc Tickle got bounced from the 250 East/West series and how the rules have changed over the years. One thing we don’t mention is that in 2013?there will be a horde of riders thrown out of the 250 class. Look out 450 class?here we come.

Apart from spending our lives in our regular dyno room, we borrowed Bill’s Pipes dyno to find out how much horsepower the most popular hop-up items add to a 2012 CRF250. We wanted to know exactly how much power an exhaust pipe, camshaft or high-compression piston could add individually. Then, once we found that out, we started combining them in an attempt to build a 40-horsepower Honda CRF250. You’ll be surprised by our findings?we were.

If you’ve ever seen a DOT 250 Demon in person, you’ll never forget it. The British-built, Villiers-powered, leading link wonder may have been manufactured 48 years ago, but we’d buy a modern version today.

By the time we finally left the dyno room we smelled like smoke, couldn’t see in bright sunlight and kept going, “huh?” every time someone spoke to us. But the deafness, blindness and odor faded once we started to analyze the data. This chart will tell you what the two fastest 250cc motocross bikes are?and yes, there are two.

Last year the 2011 Husqvarana TC250 four-stroke was a lovable slouth?barely capbale of getting out of its own way. For 2012 they brought in a Formula 1 engineer from the BMW team to redesign the engine. He made the TC250 lovable without the demeaning side comment.

What’s wrong with the AMA Nationals? And, more importantly, what’s right with them? You’ll never read criticism like this in any other moto press. Plus, if you’ve ever been to an AMA National, you’ll agree with us.

What will your friends and enemies say about you once your racing days are over? We found out lots of cool things about RC.

To finish first, first you have to finish. Supercross has taken its toll on the riders, but there are still three men left with an outside shot at glory.

When Broc Tickle got bumped up to the 450 class for 2012, the MXA gang went with him. Well, actually we went with his Pro Circuit KX450F to the Pro Circuit test track (without him). We tell you what Pro Circuit’s first-ever fully sponsored 450 feels like to ride.

Those free-thinkers at the AMA are the only ones who truly believe that two-strokes are dead…but we believe that if motocross doesn’t start finding ways to get new people into the sport the AMA will be dead. Two-strokes are awesome and affordable.

We promised 91 product tests on the cover and we delivered.

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