The December cover says it all. Motocross Action is about bikes…more and more bikes in every issue. The December issue has six full-blown, detail engorged, high-tech bike tests. If you want to know not just how they work, but why they work, MXA is your best and only source.

This isn’t the fluffy puff pieces that you’ve been reading about the 2020 YZ450F. Did anyone every tell you what it really weighs, where the horsepower is lacking, what map to phone in or what a long rod engine is? We do in this test.

For those who only know Jeff Emig from his TV announcing gig, here is the job that Jeff was really good at—racing the AMA Nationals. Next to Jeffro are Jeremy McGrath, Mike Kiedrowski and Doug Henry.

You can’t come to Glen Helen tell us about your problem in person, but you can email your questions to the MXperts at mxa@hi-torque.com

Back in 2001 the MXA wrecking crew got our hands the KTM 200SX that KTM thought could win the Las Vegas U.S. Open with Brock Sellards in the saddle. They never produced a 200cc motocross version of this one-off race bike.

This is what a motocross bike looked like back in 1969. A frame, gas tank, engine, seat, fiberglass airbox and two wheels. No water cooling. No electronic maps. No disc brakes. No rising rate linkage. No upside down forks. Just a machine that a real man could ride faster than the wind.

There is an buyer out there that the 2020 Suzuki RM-Z250 is perfect for, but until Suzuki finds him they are going to have trouble convincing consumers that a bike with the least horsepower and the stiffest suspension is the bike for them. We think they can do it.

You gotta love a guy who has won GPs, AMA National Championships, WORCS races, off-road races and the World Vet Championship and is still racing at 48 years old. Meet Mike Brown.

Kawasaki didn’t make any changes to the KX450 for 2020, but that’s okay because we list what they should have fixed and tell you how to do it yourself.

Believe it or not, they hold a motocross race on the grounds of the 800-year-old Farleigh Castle in England. This year Mike Brown (3) went to Farleigh and won eight straight motos at the Vet Motocross des Nations.

You gotta give the Honda R&D department credit, they haven’t given up on making the 2020 CRF250 better. The inherent problem with the CRF250, is that it had the weirdest running 250 four-stroke engine ever made back in 2018. Now, Honda is on the third version of this generation of CRFs. It’s getting better, but it’s got a ways to go.

There are host of tech, history, fashion and new products stories in the December issue. Here are two of them. (right) This story lists ten things you need to know about hydraulic clutches, while (left) we show you the most exotic shift lever ever to grace a production bike.

You’ve seen the video, but that was just a brief recap of what we thought of the 2020 250 four-strokes. You have to read the whole story, all 14 pages of information that wouldn’t fit in the video.


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