Marvin Musquin got the holeshot in the second moto at Millville and had his best outdoor finish to date.

By Kyoshi Becker
Photos by Brian Converse


Ken Roczen will most likely win the 450 National title. His only challenger has been Eli Tomac, and Tomac has been unable to match Roczen’s consistency. Four races and eight motos are left in the season. Ken currently has a 55 point advantage over Eli. Tomac still has a chance, although a slim one. If Tomac won every moto from here on out, Roczen would have to finish fourth or worse in every moto for Tomac to win the title. Will Roczen let that happen? We doubt it. The performance he put on at Spring Creek was nothing short of outstanding. Roczen was out to prove a point after losing to Tomac in the sand at Southwick a week before. He didn’t just win–he smoked the field. This season has proven that the worst can happen to anyone, but Roczen may be beyond the storm. With Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac in the spotlight, it is easy to miss everything else that was happening at Spring Creek.

Marvin Musquin earned a 450 career-best of second overall. While he couldn’t keep pace with Ken Roczen, he put in consistent laps. Trey Canard returned to racing last weekend. Canard finished with a 6-6 for sixth overall. James Stewart and Dean Wilson also returned at Spring Creek. Even with the return of top-level riders, their absence from the sport was obvious. The field has thinned dramatically in the 450 class. Just yesterday it was announced that Broc Tickle will miss the remaining Nationals after landing on Weston Peick at Millville.

The 250 class is still alive and kicking. Cooper Webb seems poised to be the next champion, but the Martin brothers are making things difficult. Jeremy Martin got his first overall win of the season at Spring Creek. Considering that Cooper beat Jeremy there last year, he had some unfinished business to settle. Spring Creek is his home track and owned by Alex and Jeremy’s parents. Once again, Joey Savatgy was hampered by little mistakes. A tip-over in the second moto ended his chance of edging out Alex Martin for the podium. Zach Osborne could have finished on the podium; however, his rear wheel locked up in the first moto. While he DNF’ed, he was able to come back and finish third in the second moto.

The Washougal track layout for Saturday.


  1. The season will be 75% complete come Saturday.
  2. Washougal will host the Two-Stroke Invitational this year.
  3. The first National held at Washougal was in 1980. Mark Barnett won on a Suzuki in the 125 class, and Chuck Sun won the 500 class on a Honda.
  4. Washougal didn’t hold a 250 (450) National until 1983.

Ken Roczen ruined everyone at Millville. 


  1. Ryan Dungey has won the 450 class every year at Washougal–except in 2013–since he moved up to the 450 class.
  2. Ricky Johnson, Ricky Carmichael, and Ryan Dungey are the only three riders to win Washougal back-to-back.
  3. Yamaha hasn’t won at Washougal since 1999.
  4. Northwest native Ryan Villopoto has only won at Washougal once, in 2013.
  5. Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Jeff Emig, Ryan Dungey, Jeff Ward and Mike Kiedrowski have all won at Washougal in two or more classes.
  6. The first 450cc race held at Washougal was August 14, 1983. Ricky Johnson won on a Yamaha.


  • Hangtown Moto 1 – Ryan Dungey – 2:00.475
  • Hangtown Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 2:02.776
  • Glen Helen Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 2:26.867
  • Glen Helen Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 2:29.60
  • Thunder Valley Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 2:10.649
  • Thunder Valley Moto 2 – Eli Tomac – 2:11.230
  • High Point Moto 1 – Eli Tomac – 2:01.932
  • High Point Moto 2 – Justin Barcia – 2:00.304
  • Muddy Creek Moto 1 – Eli Tomac – 1:53.115
  • Muddy Creek Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 1:52.555
  • Red Bud Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 1:56.678
  • Red Bud Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 1:56.555
  • Southwick Moto 1 – Eli Tomac – 2:05.750
  • Southwick Moto 2 – Eli Tomac – 2:07.221
  • Spring Creek Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 2:10.005
  • Spring Creek Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 2:12.408


  • Ken Roczen…387 Points
  • Eli Tomac…332 Points
  • Marvin Musquin…243 Points
  • Justin Barcia…215 Points
  • Christophe Pourcel…202 Points

Jeremy Martin edged out Cooper Webb to win the overall at Spring Creek.


  1. Cooper Webb ended Yamaha’s win drought at Washougal in 2015. The last time the brand won was in 1993 with Jeff Emig in the saddle.
  2. James Stewart won the 125 (250) class three years in a row, from 2002 to 2004
  3. From 1980 to 1982, Washougal only had a 125 (250) class and a 500 class. There was no 250 (450) class. It is one of the only tracks in the circuit to have this distinction.
  4. The premiere class was dropped in 1986 and wouldn’t come back until 1994.


  • Hangtown Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:01.669
  • Hangtown Moto 2 – Zach Osborne – 2:02.473
  • Glen Helen Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:30.635
  • Glen Helen Moto 2 – Austin Forkner – 2:32.143
  • Thunder Valley Moto 1 – Joey Savatgy – 2:12.506
  • Thunder Valley Moto 2 – Joey Savatgy – 2:12.099
  • High Point Moto 1 -Zach Osborne – 2:03.830
  • High Point Moto 2 – Aaron Plessinger – 2:03.182
  • Muddy Creek Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 1:55.155
  • Muddy Creek  Moto 2 – Jordan Smith – 1:56.088
  • Red Bud Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:00.882
  • Red Bud Moto 2 – Cooper Webb – 2:01.676
  • Southwick Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:11.515
  • Southwick Moto 2 – Austin Forkner – 2:13.997
  • Spring Creek Moto 1 – Jeremy Martin – 2:14.564
  • Spring Creek Moto 2 – Jeremy Martin – 2:14.305


  • Cooper Webb…337 Points
  • Jeremy Martin…299 Points
  • Joey Savatgy…287 Points
  • Alex Martin…270 Points
  • Zach Osborne…237 Points

Weston Peick was pretty shaken after a crash at Spring Creek. He later confirmed he was okay and should be ready to return at Washougal. 


450 Class

Ryan Dungey – Dungey’s crash at Thunder Valley looked like no big deal. He got up and finished the moto. After the fact, doctors discovered a crack in the C6 vertebrae.
Cole Seely – Out with a broken finger which had to be plated back together.
Jason Anderson – Out with a broken collarbone.
Josh Grant – Ankle surgery cut his season short.
Justin Bogle – While it isn’t confirmed what injury he had, he sat out of Spring Creek because of it. He should be back at Washougal.
Blake Baggett – Reinjured his shoulder. He is out for the rest of the season.
Matt Bisceglia – The Suzuki fill-in rider suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs.
Broc Tickle – Tickle is the latest rider to miss the rest of the National series. He sustained a fractured pelvis at Millville when he crashed with Weston Peick.
Trey Canard – Canard will miss Washougal after sustaining a concussion mid week.

250 Class

Jessy Nelson – Injured his knee at Thunder Valley.
Alex Frye – Troy Lee Designs’ Alex Frye sustained a torn ACL and additional torn ligaments in his knee. He will be out for the rest of the 2016 National season.
Justin Hill –Hill, another Troy Lee Designs KTM rider, hurt his back. He should be back this weekend at Washougal.
Chris Alldredge – Recovering from a pelvis injury he suffered in Las Vegas. He is back on the bike but his return is unknown.
Christian Craig – Craig collided with teammate Jordon Smith at Glen Helen. In the crash, Craig broke his tib/fib. He is out for the season.

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