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MXPERTShuskywiringThe electrical tape does not come stock. We were forced to stuff the starter button wires into the plastic connector, semi-solder them and they wrap the whole kit-and-kaboodle in electrical tape. Amazingly, it worked.

Dear MXA,
    Last weekend my FC350’s electric starter wouldn’t work. When my friend tried it, it fired right up. I rode it around for about 20 minutes and when I came back into the pits it wouldn’t start again. My friend came over and fiddled with the starter button a few times and it started up again. What do you think the problem is?

We know what the problem is. The starter button has wiring that connects to an electrical collector behind the front number plate. Your starter wire has come loose. But it hasn’t fallen out yet, so sometimes the bike starts and sometimes it doesn’t. Often a tie-down hook can pull the wiring away from the handlebars and pull the wire out of the fitting. The wire itself is crimped into the connector at the factory, but if it gets tugged on or moved around, the bare wires can pull out of the crimped fitting in the plastic connector. You can easily check this by taking the front number plate off and pushing the wire into the connector while hitting the starter button. If it fires up when you push it in, but doesn’t start when you let it hang, you have found your problem. Obviously any problem with a Husqvarna can also be a problem on a KTM.

This wiring problem happened to us last year. We tried to recrimp the wire, but that wasn’t possible. We then tried to solder the wire, but this was only half successful because we could only heat the wire not the plastic encased crimp. We resorted to a poorly done solder job and then wrapped the wires and connector in electrical tape to hold them in place. It held without issue, but if it fails again, we will have to replace the wires.

Or you could take it to your local dealer.



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