Dear MXA,
I purchased my 2014 Kawasaki KX250F and set it up exactly the way it said to in the MXA test. I am wondering if the MXA wrecking crew ever deviates from the suggested settings. My KX250F feels too stiff in the rough stuff and it tends to pack and bounce. Would it be okay if I softened the compression and sped up rebound on both ends? What about lowering the oil height in the SFF forks?

You are taking our suggested suspension settings too literally. Although we do spend a lot of time testing suspension to try to narrow the clicker and oil height settings down to the finest detail, we never assumed that someone would put those numbers in their bike and be afraid to change them. Our suspension settings are designed for the typical MXA test rider. We aim for a 175-pound Intermediate speed racer. However, they were never meant to be hard and fast rules. If you weigh 210 pounds, only ride in quarries or are a total beginner, we wouldn’t expect you to run our numbers. They are just starting points. By all means turn the compression out and the rebound in. Fiddle with the clicker settings until you are happy.


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