FACTORYEDITIONLOOSEBOLTThis rear fender bolt comes loose. We Loc-Tited it.

Dear MXA,
    I’m waiting for my 2015-1/2 Factory Edition 450SXF. I know that MXA has had Factory Editions for a long time. Is there anything I should watch out for?

We have had good luck with our 250SXF and 450SXF Factory Editions. We have put a lot of hours on both bikes, both during races and test sessions. During this time we have found a couple areas that need to have a watchful eye kept on them.

(1) Check the spoke next to the rear rim lock at regular intervals. If the spokes are going to come loose during their break-in period, the spokes next to the rim lock will be the first to come loose.

(2) We always check the sprocket bolts at the start of every race or test day. They come loose.

(3) Most of the bolts stay tight, but the bolt under the seat that holds the left-side of the rear fender in place (just behind the battery) has been a problem. We finally took it out and used Loc-Tite on it.

(4) The gas cap sticks. Don’t thread it on too tight because during temperature changes it seems to lock itself in place.

(5) During pipe testing we quickly found out that you can’t remove the stock pipe without removing the shock…and the shock is hard to remove with the pipe in place. When we tested with the KTM R&D department, they would pull the swingarm off to change the shock. That seemed extreme to us, but they did it very fast. We preferred to lower the shock linkage to get the shock out. But, we pulled the shock linkage bolt out of the front of the linkage instead of the rear. This allowed the link to swing down and back (you also have to remove the small chain slider from the left side of the bike because it threads into the front linkage bolt). Once you have removed the shock bolts and the front linkage bolt, you can twist the shock and wiggle it out through the rubber mud flap by the swingarm. If you install a Pro Circuit  or FMF pipe you can remove them without taking the shock off the KTM because they are three-piece pipes.



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