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Dear MXA,
My daughter is racing a KTM 150XC-W. We are using the KTM-recommended Motorex oil. I am missing the caster smell from the old days. Do you think Maxima Castor 927 would work in our bike? What is MXA running in its two-stroke test bikes?

For decades MXA only ran Yamalube-R, but a couple years ago we switched the fleet over to Maxima K2. MXA prefers to run only one brand of pre-mix oil in our test bikes because we want to eliminate oil as a factor in any technical issues. K2 is a full synthetic, triple-ester, two-stroke premix oil. In our test bikes, it burns clean. We prefer the $20 33-ounce bottle or $37 64-ounce bottle over the normal 16-ounce bottle because we don’t have time for last-minute dashes when we run out of pre-mix. Of course, you can switch your bike over to Maxima Castor 927 pre-mix oil. It is a modern blend of castor oil, not anything like the old castor bean oil of the 1970s. On a side note, it costs the same as Maxima K2.

On fuel-injected two-strokes also look for the words “injector,” “TPI” or “compatible.”

For KTM 250XC-W TPI owners, you must run an injector-specific oil in your fuel-injected two-stroke. KTM recommends Motorex Cross Power 2T for it’s fuel-injector two-strokes and MXA runs Maxima K2 Injector or Maxima Super M Injector oil. In order to be injected the oil must be of a thinner vicosity to flow through the nozzles.


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