Dear MXA,
    I love my 2015 KTM 350SXF and give it tender loving care, but suddenly it won’t start. The battery is fully charged and the electric starter turns over, but nothing happens. What’s wrong?

The list of possibilities is endless, but we can narrow it down to several likely potential causes.

(1) Check your bike’s fuel line at the quick release. If you had the gas tank off recently it is possible that you didn’t fully click the fitting back together fully. Unlike a carbureted bike, gasoline will not run out of the fuel line of a fuel-injected bike. If the quick release isn’t fully engaged, your bike won’t start because it isn’t getting any fuel through the lines. Additionally, check the small white fuel filter that is inside the quick release fitting. Pull the filter out, with a scribe, and hold it up to the sun to see if it is clogged. You can replace it for under $10 or just back flush it.

(2) If that isn’t the problem, check the fuel pump plug at the back of the gas tank. It could be loose and can be fixed by just pushing it into its fitting. Secondly, this electrical fitting often gets corroded and needs to be cleaned with contact cleaner and coated with dialectic grease. When the fuel pump is working you should hear a clicking sound. No clicking — No go.

(3) KTM has had some issues with the fuel lines kinking inside the gas tank. Although, this rarely stops the bike from starting, it does make it run sporatically and often quit. You can check this yourself, by removing the access panel at the rear of the gastk and checking the hoses inside the tank. It doesn’t take much of a kink to restrict fuel flow to the engine.

(4) Finally, your throttle position sensor may be out of whack. This was a problem back in 2011 and 2012 and hasn’t been too much of an issue over the last couple years, but it can happen.




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