A moving blanket is handy at the track.

Dear MXA,
At my track, pit parking is at a premium. I have always parked in the same place. It has a good view of the racing and it is on flat ground and next to where my friends park; however, last week a small rock got roosted over the fence and chipped my windshield. I don’t know how it happened, because I am parked on a straight and nowhere near a corner or a jump. I do know that it cost me $250 to get a new windshield. What can I do to prevent this?

At the weekly motocross wars, the MXA gang parks right next to the track with a row of vans and pickups. We lost a few windshields until we ordered heavy-duty moving blankets, the kind that moving companies use to wrap around dresser drawers when moving furniture, from Harbor Freight. They are 6 feet by 6 feet 8 inches and cost less than $10. We fold them over and lay them over our windshields. They keep the sun out and block rock damage. You can even use them for moving. You can see them at


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