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MXPERTSTRAXshockThe main technical advancement of the WP Trax shock is the drop-out feature, but it isn’t universally acclaimed.

Dear MXA,
I have a 2016 KTM 450SXF and have been thinking about ordering a Trax shock from WP. I’ve kicked this around with my wife, who reads Jody’s Box every month, and she said that if I could get MXA to say it was a good idea, then I could do it. So, how about it?

We have considerable experience with the WP Trax shock. We have tested Trax shocks on production bikes and on works bikes. The advantage is that the Trax shock pushes the shock downward when it feels that the rear wheel is off the ground. This is why it is called a “drop-out” shock. It is a wonderful idea that is supposed to maximize traction, but we’ve never felt any of the benefits associated with the Trax concept in real life (any  some factory KTM riders use a Trax shock, but with the drop-out feature disabled). We have had just as good luck with the stock KTM shock, either with the proper spring rate or redone by a suspension shop. In direct tests we haven’t found that the Trax offers much more than the stock shock in terms of performance. It is at its best with Pro level riders. At the Vet level, you will be spending a lot of money for a feature that you won’t feel or need. Given that the Trax shock costs $2000, we side with your wife.

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