The yellow knob under the KTM throttle body is the push/pull choke knob.

Dear MXA,

I just bought a really nice 2016 KTM 250SXF, but it will not start with the choke on. When I start it with the choke off, it blubbers and eventually dies. What’s wrong with my bike?

Let’s review what you just said. Your bike won’t start when you pull the choke knob out, but when you push it in the bike fires rights up, but then runs like a bike that has the choke on. What does that suggest? On your previous bike, which was most likely a Japanese brand, you pulled the choke out to start the bike and pushed it in to un-choke it; however, on a 2016 KTM, you push the choke knob in to engage it and pull it out to disengage it. In fact, it is spring-loaded and can even be pushed in a little farther to choke the bike a little more. As a rule of thumb, push the choke knob inward to choke the KTM and pull it out to disengage the choke.



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