The Instagram post that broke the news.

With Colt Nichols putting in a eye opening performance in the 250 class and Tommy Hahn surviving some narrow misses, Supercross team, Cycletrader Rockriver was one of the few teams to get through the Western region unscathed. One week into the Eastern part, they have their first casualty. While he was 9th out of the gate, Luke Renzland got into a tangle that dropped him down to 20th place on the first lap. After working his way back up to 9th on the 11th lap he missed a line, cross rutted and ate dirt. While initial X-rays didn’t show much, it was discovered that like Wil Hahn, Renzland broke his collarbone. To fill in for the injured #46 rider, Cycletrader Rockriver is bringing back Benny Bloss. Below is Luke Renzland recollection.

“This sport is the equivalent to a drug or gambling addiction… We soldier through the lows on the search for a fix of another high… Atlanta bit me on Saturday and now I’ll be on the sidelines for a couple of weeks. I was running up in 9th or 10th on lap 11 after getting tangled up in the first turn and starting the first lap in 20th.. Just cross rutted out of the sand and planted my shoulder in the ground pretty hard. I picked my bike up and instantly knew I wasn’t able to finish the race. Pulled off and went to the asterisk rig to get X rays… They told me I had no breaks, and it was just a “stinger” and I’d be ok in the matter of a few days. Well, fast forward to today and I went to the doc to get more X rays since I kept feeling worse and worse… Turns out this collarbone is broken and I’m scheduled to have it plated on Friday and start my road to recovery. Already missing my dirtbike and can’t wait to get back out to the races.”


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