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The 2017 Atlas Brace and Protection line is here and ready! The Atlas 2017 braces have several new refinements, including a new updated Emergency Release System and a textured frame for increased durability. The new designs below include all the same great features you have come to depend on from Atlas Brace Technologies.

The Atlas brace is the most comfortable brace on the market, allowing the rider to forget they are even wearing it till it is needed!

“Weightless” with waterproof impact padding.

The Flex Frame shape that “hugs” your shoulders for maximum visibility along with our exclusive “Split Flex Frame” that adds to the mobility that allows the brace to move with you as you move on the bike.

Atlas contacts 27% more surface area of the body than any other brace, which disperses the load throughout the upper body in a crash.

Completely adjustable with multiple padding options and easy to use Atlas Smart Mounts.

Available in specific sizes for everyone! The “Air” comes in adult sizes in S, M & L, for teens the “Prodigy”, for youth riders the “Tyke” and peewee riders the “Broll.”

Here’s what a few of the riders that depend on Atlas have to say…

Anderson“I’ve always been a neck brace guy. “They have changed so much in the last few years and are way better than ever before. The team at Atlas Brace has taken it to the next level, the weight is insane.” -Jason Anderson

Wilson“It’s easy to wear the Atlas Brace when you can’t even feel it, and it doesn’t restrict me on the bike. And it offers the safety and protection that I need to ride with confidence.” -Dean Wilson

Bobryshev“I feel good and comfortable with the Atlas Brace. I also believe in the protection. I think riders that don’t believe in Neck Protection need to try an Atlas Brace and they’ll get it.” -Evgeny Bobryshev

Villopoto“From the first time I tried the Atlas Brace, I knew I loved it … I wore neck braces my whole career but nothing had the features and level of comfort that my Atlas Brace had. I had a choice of what I wanted to wear and I believed so much in the Atlas Brace that I became a partner in the company.” -Ryan Villopoto

Stop by the product display on vendor row at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship this week and see the complete line up for 2017.

About Atlas Brace Technologies:
Atlas Brace Technologies is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and Valencia, California. Founded in 2011, Atlas is the home of the first racer designed and racer tested next generation neck braces and body protection. The entire product line is uniquely designed and of the highest level of safety, comfort, and mobility. For more information on Atlas Brace Technologies, please visit

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