Brett Metcalfe.

Brett Metcalfe, who is racing the Canadian 450 Nationals this year, was penalized 10 places for jumping on the red cross flag at the Sand Del Lee National this Sunday. Brett had his 2-1 score changed to 12-2?which moved him from first to third overall. No sweat ? Brett has a 60 point lead.  

Jackson Richardson, who has been racing the AMA series, will go home to fill-in for Josh Cachia at Carlton Dry Honda for the remainder of the Australian National series. Josh decided to have surgery to fix an old arm injury.

Gareth Swanepoel, who was brought down to fill-in for the injured Ben Townley, Ford Dale or Josh Cachia (take your pick), was injured last week in his Australian debut. Originally it was thought that he had a broken arm, but it was just a deep bone bruise and he will race this coming weekend.

American Gavin Faith will return to Australia over the winter to defend his 2012 Australian 250 Supercross Championship. Faith finished fifth in the 2013 AMA Supercross 250 East Coast Championship this year, but is not racing the AMA 250 Nationals.

Tye Simmonds has called it quits. The Berry Sweet Lucas Oil Yamaha rider made the decision after last week’s Australian National in Appin to hangup his boots. The Craig Anderson-run team will look for a fill-in rider. Simmonds said, “I don’t feel the passion for racing that I used to. I did have plans to retire at the end of the 2013 season, I’ve found it more difficult to give it my all as the year has gone on and things don’t seem to be coming together for me.

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