The Supercross bikes are back in Atlanta Motor Speedway but this time around, a lot drier. Clearer and sunnier weather is on the horizon after rain plagued the NASCAR stadium for the 13th round, soaking the track and canceling both the press day and second round of qualifying. MXA’s Travis Fant was scouting the pits for some of the coolest bikes in the sport as many of the mechanics had limited time to strip the bikes down and put them all back together in the short span between the races. Round 13 had some exciting racing and we can’t wait to witness another round of moto-inspired racing. Scroll down below to drool over some pretty tricked-out bikes and follow Motocross Action as we bring you all the action at round 14 of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season.


Photos by Travis Fant

Eli Tomac’s race bike waiting for round 14. Will Eli win another round at Atlanta?

Stay tuned for a future video detailing all of the neat and trick parts equipped on Justin Barcia’s MC450.

Joey Savatgy’s bike being prepped for tomorrow. Look at that FCP engine mount.

Mitchell Harrison got a good start in the Main Event on Saturday but slowly started to run out of steam. We expect another good performance by Mitchell in the upcoming race.

One of the most challenging parts about the moto-inspired tracks is the tuning of the suspension. As the track is faster, rougher, and longer, stiff Supercross suspension can feel overwhelming for the full race length. But softer suspension usually results in having more difficulty in the whoops and other hard-hitting jumps and landings. It’s a challenging balancing act for the mechanics but with basically four Daytonas in one season, we expect them to find the magic by the end of the Atlanta residency. 

Aaron Plessinger’s previous ride at Atlanta 1 was exceptional, grabbing the holeshot until a mistake later in the race. A small tip over would come with massive repercussions as the rest of the 450 field was following closely behind and Aaron lost his lead. We’re excited to see Aaron get another chance at the outdoor-themed track as he showed a lot of promise in Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

Many of the riders have equipped disc brake guards, protecting the brakes from the Georgia clay. And the weight gain becomes minimal when the entire piece is made out of Carbon Fiber. 

A closer look at AP’s engine.

Hunter Lawrence finished in seventh place but had promising results in his Heat Race. We expect the racing to be closer now that better weather is on the horizon.

Some pros even run donut grips on the inside of their grips to prevent blisters.

There’s a place for everything on the mechanic’s cart. 

Ken Roczen had a ninth place finish at Atlanta 1 after having a poor start and having a run in with Justin Barcia at the beginning of the race. We wonder if he’ll be able to catch back up to Cooper Webb or if Eli Tomac will catch up to Ken Roczen.

A closer look at Ken’s ride. The blue touches are very nice.

Max Anstie showed to be extremely promising and would have a career best finish had it not been for a run-in with Vince Friese. After getting an exceptional start, Max would race up near the front of the pack but after sliding out a little, Vince Friese ran into the rear end of the 34 and both would go down. 

A bare front end of the H.E.P Suzuki.

Chase Sexton grabbed the lead from Aaron after his slip and slide experience at Atlanta 1. After getting caught behind Cade Clason, he would lose the lead to Eli Tomac but still get his first career podium. 

Confused by a #1 on a Honda? Well, this is Kyle Peter’s bike and he became the Arenacross champion in 2020. Looks like they had some leftover clutch covers and had to flex a little bit.

Mitchell Oldenburg sure loves racing as he’s now the permanent fill in rider for Justin Brayton for the remainder of the 2021 season. Justin’s injuries have become too severe to continue racing and finish off the season so now Mitchell Oldenburg gets a chance to continue racing but now on a 450 until the 250 East Coast class picks up again.

See, Mitchell is pretty stoked about it.

Showa forks equipped on Mitchell’s ride.

Got wheels?

Eli Tomac’s Kayaba forks.

The championship may be out of the question for Marvin Musquin but it is still entertaining to watch him ride well.

Martin Davalos’s Team Tedder Racing bike.


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