Indy3 Track_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5096


The 2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3 is here and MXA’s Brian Converse is back in Indiana this weekend to capture the excitement of Round 6. The first five Rounds of the 2021 Supercross season gave us five different winners in the 450 class, but Ken Roczen put an end to the “new winner” streak by grabbing two 450SX Main Event wins in a row and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It’s been a cold week in Indianapolis. We’re sure the riders don’t mind as much since they get to stay inside their trailers until it’s time to ride and then they ride briefly through the cold until they get into the stadiums. But, the mechanics, truck drivers and the rest of the pit crew are excited to get out of the cold and head to Orlando, Florida, next weekend. Unfortunately, the pits were pretty desolate on Friday afternoon when our photographer Brian Converse walked through. It’s cold and the teams have their rigs all buttoned up before Round 6. Although there weren’t very many shiny bikes on display, Brian was still on the scene to capture photos of the cold and lonely (Friday afternoon version) of the Pro pits at the Indy Supercross. He also got into the Lucas Oil stadium to take some cool photos of the stadium and give us a sneak peak at the new layout for Saturday night. As always, the MXA wrecking crew will have qualifying results, race results and the latest news updated live throughout the day in Indianapolis. Click the link below to see more from Indy #3.


Photos by Brian Converse

Indy3 Track darkness_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5106The Indianapolis dirt is ready for one more Supercross race with a new layout.

RMATV Rig_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5148 The Rocky Mountain KTM team’s new rider Joey Savatgy has been impressive at Indy scoring 8th in the 450SX Main Event at both Indy Rounds so far.

Event Testing Signage_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5113 Every rider, mechanic, crew member and family member of the riders had to be tested for Covid-19 before the first Round in Indianapolis, but they didn’t have to be tested for Indy #2 or Indy #3 (unless they left town and came back). But, everyone will have to be re-tested again next week before entering the pits in Orlando, Florida. Luckily, the testing process goes quickly, only taking 10-minutes to get results and we haven’t heard of any riders or crew members testing positive yet. 

GasGas Rig_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5154 The Troy Lee Designs team always has unique sponsors. 

Heater_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 1-2298 This heater is the real deal. It’s puts off massive heat as you walk through the loading dock entry into the stadium and heaters like this are the reason why people can wear short sleeves inside of the stadium when it’s 25-degrees outside. 

Lucas Oil Stadium_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 1-1942These Lucas Oil drag racers make for a pretty cool entrance into the Indianapolis Colts stadium. 

Muc-Off Tent Teardown_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5131The Muc-Off Honda team has already torn down their tent and will be pitting out of the semi trailer for the Saturday night race and they’ll save a ton of time on packing up and get an early start on driving to Orlando Sunday morning. 

Rockstar Husky Tents_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5157The Rockstar Husky team started with three 450 riders and one 250 East rider. Now, with RJ Hampshire, Dean Wilson and Jason Anderson injured, only Zach Osborne is flying the flag for team Husqvarna.

PC Monster Kawasaki_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5134 The Pro Circuit Kawasaki trollies and their (not-so) fancy air dyne bike. We respect the style, this training bike most likely costs a tiny fraction of what the other teams have for their riders to warm up on, but it does the same thing.

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rig 2021 Indianapolis Supercross Pits (7) The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rig. 

Freddie Noren 2021 Indianapolis Supercross Pits (1) Freddie Noren’s Kawasaki KX450 and his cardboard cut-out of his friend Trey Canard. 

Lucas Oil Stadium_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 1-1943The stadium is nice and quiet Friday before the race. 

Clean up time for the factory Kawasaki boys. 

Star Racing Yamaha_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 1-1958The Star Racing Yamaha 250 and 450 rigs. Like most teams, they have a heated enclosed tent to keep their mechanics and bikes warm. 

GasGas Tent_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5140In Houston, the factory teams were closed up to keep people from getting close and to socially distance from others to keep everyone healthy. In Indianapolis, Indiana, it’s been below 30-degrees for the most part this week and the rigs are closed up to keep warm. 

Factory Kawasaki KX Sat Dish_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5146Didn’t know Kawasaki made a satellite dish? 

Indy3 Track_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5096The Lucas Oil Stadium is ready for the final event of their triple-header. 

KTM Jrs_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5103The KTM E-5 electric mini bikes have some pretty cool charging stations that also double as bike stands. 

Mitchell Harrison Bike_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5129Mitchell Harrison’s Muc-Off Honda CRF250 is only a rolling chassis right now, but on February 13th, it’ll be ready to go for Round 1 of the 250 West division at the Orlando Supercross #2. 

Lucas Oil Stadium_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5089 The Lucas Oil stadium has provided us with some great racing so far. We’re interested to see if Ken Roczen and Colt Nichols will win all three races at Indy, or if we’ll have some different winners. 

Front Loaders_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5151 The CAT excavators are patiently waiting for their turn to get back into the stadium and haul all of the dirt out after Saturday’s race. 

Factory Honda_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5137Even the HRC Honda storage trollies look cool!

Twisted Tea Tent_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5124 It must feel a little claustrophobic inside of the Twisted Tea tents without any windows. 

Oil Drum_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5153“Discard oil here”

Stadium Pit_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5111 Unfortunately, the factory rigs have seen a lot less people in the pits this year. 

Factory Honda_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5135 The side by side division of Honda getting some exposure on the road and in the pits from the HRC factory racing team. 

Factory Honda_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5136Factory Honda’s enclosed tent is pretty big. 

KTM Rides Unlimited_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5145The Rides Unlimited KTM privateer team looks pretty factory with their big tent. 

Loader_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5108These massive front loaders can move some serious dirt. After Round 6 at Indy, the Dirt Wurx crew has one week to clean up the stadium, put it back to the way it was, and then travel to Orlando to set up another race for the following Saturday. 

Kawasaki Rig_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5155The factory Kawasaki rig.

Dunlop trollies. 

Ti-Lube_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5143 The TiLube Honda team runs Hoosier tires. 


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