After freezing temperatures the weekend before in Indy, both the riders, the teams and probably every resident in Indianapolis were tired of the snow and cold weather. Now in Orlando, Florida, we finally got a chance to see some of the bikes in person as most of the bikes in Indy were hidden away under the semi-trucks’ overhangs and tarps. Unfortunately, press day was canceled, but we still got to walk through the pits at Camping World Stadium and examine some of the fastest, cleanest bikes in the states. Both Brian Converse and Travis Fant were on the scene to capture some of these beauties as the mechanics and riders prepare for the seventh round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. With wet weather on the forecast, this may be the only time we get to see some of these bikes as clean as they are before they come back with different shades of brown. But for now, here are some pretty sweet rides.


Photos by Travis Fant and Brian Converse

The 2020 champ’s bike under the tent.

Might just be us, but something appears to be missing…

Shane McElrath is back for racing!

See! Here’s a sneaky picture of Shane!

The Smarttop team manager, Tony Alessi behind Shane’s CRF450. 

Got wheels?

Ok but now something seriously seems to be missing… haven’t put my finger on it yet.

Ah, there it is!

You may be wondering who these guys are, well Star Yamaha already got the shipment of their West coast riders bikes. From left to right: Justin Cooper, Nate Thrasher, Jarrett Frye, and way in the back is Colt Nichols’ bike.

The GasGas bikes are a sight to behold with how tricked out they are. Well, every factory team is tricked out but who doesn’t love a primary color scheme?

Even their seats are pretty rad.

The Twisted Tea H.E.P team is the only team to be getting support from Suzuki after JGR shut its doors in 2020.

Some Leatt boots getting a very much needed deep clean.

Malcolm Stewart’s steed.

Mechanic cart or professional motocross racer moving out?

A lot of orange going on in this photo.

Stacks and stacks of Showa suspension.

These guys are pros at tire changes. With so many riders running Dunlops, they have their own tent and trailer with mechanics swapping out tires like they’re hotcakes.

If you haven’t caught it already, Rockstar went under a massive rebranding in 2021. However, the official rebranding didn’t take place until after all their athletes and teams were repping the new rebrand in some way. So you may have noticed something different about the logo without any official announcement until not long ago.

The Rockstar Energy factory rig.

The Fox racing rig stores a huge assortment of gear from goggles to boots for all their sponsored athletes.

Here are their current loadouts for the weekend.

An overlook of the stadium, the tarps are there for preventing water from soaking the track.

The Yamaha rig getting setup for the pits.

The green team getting ready for the Orlando dirt.

Kyle Chisholm getting his bikes delivered via pickup truck. Also check out the Rickie Fowler graphics.

Will Cooper Webb win this weekend against Ken Roczen?

Zach Osborne’s bike under the tent.

The TiLube Honda bikes.

Here are some beauty shots of Ken Roczen’s factory CRF450.

Had no idea there was a gun show at Camping World Stadium too.

Many teams still put out all their bikes even though their rider may be injured.

Rj Hampshire’s Husky FC250.

The Alpinestars medical team takes the health of the riders seriously and has a full rig to serve them.

This is probably what the pits look like from Benny Bloss’s pov.

Got to give a hand to Christian Craig’s bike.

The 408 next to the 238. It kind of sounds like freeways. *Editor’s Note: The 408 is an expressway in Florida.*

Broc Tickle: Professional motorcycle racer or golfer? Both?

Here are two pics of random things just being dumped on the ground for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for viewing! Stay tuned to Motocross Action as we bring you live coverage of the races going down in Orlando! Also there’s the pile of plastics on the ground.


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