Malcolm stewart_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUP


The 2019 Monster Energy Cup Supercross is here and we are getting ready for an exciting day of racing. The Monster Cup was starting to feel a little slim on riders when you think about guys like Cooper Webb, Jason Anderson Ken Roczen, Zach Osborne and Marvin Musquin not competing. But with riders like Chad Reed, Jeremy Martin and Malcolm Stewart coming back from injury, Adam Cianciarulo making his 450 Supercross debut, MXGP rider Tim Gajser coming back to race Monster Cup for the second time, Mike Alessi racing on a two-stroke, the unique track design, the joker lane, the Amateur All-Stars and Superminis, it’s shaping up to be one exciting night of racing. MXA’s Travis Fant is in Las Vegas at the Sam Boyd Stadium and he walked around the pits and grabbed these photos of the bikes while they still look nice and fresh before the gate drops. If you’d like to see our press day video, find out the LIVE TV Schedule or check out the track maps, click the link below.


CHAD REED_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPChad Reed’s CbdMD Honda waiting to hit the track. 

CHAD REED_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPJGR mechanic Ben Schiermeyer is wrenching on Chad Reed’s Honda this weekend. 

Dean Wilson_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPDean Wilson is the only Rockstar Husqvarna 450 rider racing this weekend. Dean recently just resigned to stay with the team for 2020. To read our latest interview with Wilson click here.

Jake Swoll_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPAlthough Dean is the only 450 rider, Jalek Swoll will also be racing this weekend, only Jalek is in the Amateur All-Stars class.

Jake Swoll_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPEven with the new optional ventilated airbox covers that come on new Husqvarna models, the factory team still drill holes in their airbox covers.

Evan Ferry_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPHey do you remember Tim Ferry? Well he has a son named Evan Ferry and he’s fast too. Evan just recently joined the Rockstar Husqvarna team and he will be competing under their tent for the first time at Monster Cup.

Jeremy Martin_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPIt sure is nice to see the number 6 of Jeremy Martin back at the races! 

Adam Cianciarulo_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPAdam Cianciarulo’s KX450 is looking green and ready for him to make his 450 Supercross debut.

Justin Barcia_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPJustin Barica’s cool Arai helmet paint job matches his bright Alpinestars gear for MEC.

Tim Gajser_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPIf you don’t recognize this face, that’s because he doesn’t usually race in America. Tim Gajser is a MXGP rider from Slovenia and he is the 2019 MXGP World Champion. He also raced at the 2017 Monster Cup and he was really fast in qualifying when he scored the sixth fastest time,  but unfortunately a big crash in the first Main Event took him out for the evening.

Tim Gajser_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPTim Gajser’s 2020 Honda CRF450.

Tim Gajser_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPUp close on Tim Gajser’s CRF.

Tim Gajser_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPThe other side of Tim Gajser’s CRF power plant. 

Tim Gajser_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPAlthough Tim Gajser is pitting under the American Honda HRC tent, he still is running the same sponsors and parts from the factory Honda team in Europe. Notice the Supersprox sprocket and Yutaka logos.

Jedidiah Rodriguez_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPRockstar Husqvarna mechanic Jedidiah Rodriguez is excited for the gate to drop.

Husqvarna’s new Electric EE5 mini bike.

Kyle Chisholm_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPKyle Chisholm is in town for MEC.

Mike Alessi_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPMike Alessi is riding on an ESR built Yamaha 325 two-stroke. Mike is going out there to have fun and see what he can do on a two-stroke against the factory four-strokes.

Mike Alessi_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPUp close on Mike Alessi’s two-stroke.

Malcolm stewart_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPMalcolm Stewart’s Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda. Notice the unique design on the white backgrounds. A few of the teams mix up their graphics for the one-off MEC event.

Malcolm stewart_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPAnother cool shot of Malcolm’s unique Monster Cup graphics.

Aaron Plessinger_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPAaron Plessinger’s Factory Monster Energy Yamaha YZ450F.

Justin Barcia_2019 MONSTER ENERGY CUPUp close on the factory Yamaha engine.

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