Chase Sexton 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Chase Sexton-7771


Things have officially kicked off at the 2021 Houston Supercross 1 and our Best in the Pits gallery is here to give you an behind the scenes look at what’s happening in the Supercross paddock at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. It feels very weird that Round one of the series is starting off inside of a rectangular football stadium instead of the typical outdoor diamond shaped layout we always have at the Anaheim Angels stadium. Although it’s weird, we’re very excited Supercross is back and we can’t wait to see the long list of competitors like Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, Jason Anderson, Justin Barcia and more battle out for the 450SX title. In the 250 class, we have Austin Forkner, Jett Lawrence, Christian Craig, Michael Mosiman and more set to do battles as well. MXA is in Houston, Texas, capturing all of the action from the paddock and the track. For more coverage of the Houston Supercross, click the link below.


Photos by Brian Converse

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Ken Roczen-7975Ken Roczen is back to the races after taking the summer off.

Cooper Webb 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Cooper Webb-7760Cooper Webb’s Red Bull KTM gets a shock change just before press day riding. 

Eli Tomac 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Eli TomacThe Champ is in the building. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Eli Tomac-7979Eli Tomac and Adam Ciancarulo scoping out the track.

Justin Barcia 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Justin Barcia-6158Unfortunately with the Covid-19 restrictions our photographer Brian Converse couldn’t any closer than this to Justin Barcia’s GasGas MC 450F. The side wall on the Troy Lee Designs tent blocked our camera from seeing the air shock up close. Learn more about Justin’s new air shock by clicking here

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Chase Sexton-7976Chase Sexton in focus mode with his new Monster helmet.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Joey Savatgy-6160Joey Savatgy’s Rocky Mountain KTM. So far we haven’t heard any credible news on Blake Baggett’s racing status. MXA reached out to him, but he said that he couldn’t speak on his current plans for the future.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Justin Barcia-7967Justin Barcia moments before it was time to ride press day.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Cooper Webb a-7984Cooper Webb and mechanic Carlos Rivera talking strategy.

Ken Roczen 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Ken Roczen-8149Ken Roczen looks comfortable on the 2021 Honda CRF450.

Cooper Webb 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Cooper Webb-7760Cooper Webb waiting to hit the track for press day. Masks are mandatory for everyone at Supercross and all of the riders and crew members have to take a Covid-19 rapid test before entering the pits. Luckily, the test goes by quickly and easily.

Michael Mosiman 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Mosiman-7914Michael Mosiman will debut the Troy Lee Designs GasGas in the 250SX class this weekend.

Max Vohland Red Bull KTM 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Max Vohland-7764 Max Vohland’s Red Bull KTM 250SXF.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Chase SextonChase Sexton on the charge during press day.

Max Vohland Red Bull KTM 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Max Vohland-7764Max Vohland has a custom mask with his logo on it. If you gotta wear one, might as well promote yourself while doing it.

Brandon Hartranft 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Brandon Hartranft-6243After the JGR MX team folded, the HEP team gained factory support from Suzuki. Brandon Hartranft will make his 450 debut this Saturday in Houston.

Jett Lawrence 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_.Jett Lawrence_2jpgJett Lawrence will race the 250SX East division on his HRC Honda CRF250 and his brother Hunter will race 250SX West.

Christian Craig Star Racing Yamaha 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Star Racing Yamaha-6168The Star Racing Yamaha pit.

Michael Mosiman 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Michael Mosiman-7779Michael Mosiman and his mechanic check out the track before the 250 press riding session began.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_ForknerAustin Forkner crashed at the 2020 Supercross season finale and missed the entire Pro Motocross season, but he’s back healthy and racing 250SX East this season.  

Dylan Ferrandis 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Dylan Ferandis-6174Dylan Ferrandis’ Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Justin Bogle-8162 Some things never change, Justin Bogle still having fun on his motorcycle in 2021. 

Aaron Plessinger 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Aaron Plessinger-6181Aaron Plessinger’s Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Mitchell Oldenburg-7887 Mitchell Oldenburg debuting the new Fly Racing Lite gear in Houston. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Stewart Malcolm Stewart on his new Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Broc Tickle-6204Broc Tickle and his new MCR Honda. 

Cooper Webb 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Cooper Webb-7760The front of Cooper Webb’s rig. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Dylan Ferrandis-6202Dylan Ferrandis mid-scrub. 

Christian Craig 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Christian Craig-7900It’ll take some time to get used to seeing Christian Craig riding a Yamaha.

Eli Tomac 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Eli TomacEli Tomac stated in the pre-race press conference that he is running the same bike setup he finished with at the 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross and he thinks this will be advantage over those who are riding completely new models this year.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Justin Barcia-8138Justin Barcia and Houston soil flying together through the air.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Joey Savatgy-6189Joey Savatgy is rocking the new FMF goggles this weekend. 

Chase Sexton 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Chase Sexton-7771Chase Sexton’s HRC Honda CRF450.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Marvin Musquin-8112Marvin Musquin is happy to be back racing Supercross after missing the entire 2020 season due to a knee injury. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Vince Friese-6220The MotoConcepts Honda team has four riders, Shane McElrath, Broc Tickle, Benny Bloss and Vince Friese. For this season, Vince is the only rider on the 2021 CRF450 while the others are still riding 2020 models. The team says that they don’t have enough time on the new model and they don’t have enough bikes or parts to go racing on it for 2021, so they stuck with the 2020 model. But, Vince Friese does like the new CRF450, so they’re letting. him race it this year and develop it for the future seasons. 

Dylan Ferrandis 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Ferandis Dylan Ferrandis is in Houston although he just recently got back on the bike after breaking his hand at the beginning of December.  

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Justin Barcia-8138 Justin Barcia looks comfortable. It’ll be interesting to see how he does when the gate drops.  

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_RJ Hampshire-7903RJ Hampshire will represent the Rockstar Husqvarna team in the East Coast 250 division. 

Eli Tomac 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Eli TomacThe red and green go well together.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Mitchell Oldenburg-6151 Mitchell Oldenburg’s Muc-Off Honda. Remember the Penrite Honda team from last year? This is them with a new title sponsor. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Martin Davalos-7768 Martin Davalos’ Team Tedder Monster Energy KTM.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Jo Shimoda-7916Jo Shimoda’s new look after switching from Geico Honda to Pro Circuit Kawasaki. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Michael MosimanThe all red look on Michael Mosiman and Justin Barcia really stands out. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Frankie Latham-6155Marvin Musquin’s mechanic Frankie Latham.

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Marvin Musquin-7759 Marvin Musquin doing an iPhone interview. 

2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Jett Lawrence Jett Lawrence stretching out his CRF250.

Max Vohland Red Bull KTM 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Max Vohland-7764Up close on the first factory Red Bull KTM 250SXF, Max Vohland’s machine. 


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