Big News: “Motocross America” Museum coming to SoCal

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum has announced the “Motocross America” exhibit will begin its national tour at the San Diego Automotive Museum. ÿHighlights from “Motocross America” will be featured in the installation “Motocross America: The Early Years.” ÿÿ”Motocross America”, which traces the complete evolution of motocross and features over sixty memorable off-road machines owned and raced by legends of the sport, is concluding a successful three year run at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio. ÿScheduled to open in early April 2008, “Motocross America: The Early Years” will showcase the history of motocross for audiences in Southern California, a region home to many of today’s racing champions and tomorrow’s superstars. ÿ

“Motocross America: The Early Years” will be ÿwill chronicle the birth of motocross in 1920’s Britain, as well the sports’ arrival and expansion in America. ÿAdditionally, the exhibit will feature a “Hall of Heroes” which pays tribute to decades of American racing champions. ÿ”Motocross America: The Early Years” will be curated by Tom White, founder of White Brothers Performance and The Early Years of Motocross Museum.

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, the country’s premier showcase of motorcycling heritage and history, is dedicated to telling the stories behind motorcycling’s famous machines and leading luminaries. ÿ”Motocross America: The Early Years” stays true to the Museum’s mission, presenting visitors with an in-depth look at the dawn of the motocross and the riders who made the sport a phenomenon. ÿUpon entering the exhibit, visitors will find the humble beginnings of motocross showcased through early bikes, including a 1952 Mondial 200 Scrambler, and authentic gear, such as modified leather lineman’s boots. ÿThe next section of the exhibit celebrates the personalities who launched motocross in America in the 1960s. ÿHighlighted riders include Torsten Hallman, the young Swede showman, and Gary Bailey, the first American rider to beat a European in competition. ÿFinally, exhibit visitors will be introduced to the personalities who defined American motocross in the late1960s and early 1970s, including five-time World Champion Roger DeCoster and three-time American National Champion Gary Jones. ÿMark Mederski, Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum executive director, says, “The ?Motocross America’ exhibit featured a collection of rare machines and ephemera to encapsulate the full history of motocross. In ?Motocross America: The Early Years’ curator Tom White gathers a similarly remarkable set of motorcycles and memorabilia to explore the sports’ beginning. ÿVisitors to the San Diego Automotive Museum are sure to be enthralled as they learn the high-flying story of motocross.”

The San Diego Automotive Museum is home to a renowned collection of automobiles and motorcycles. ÿThe Museum’s exhibits examine the impact of these classic machines on American culture. ÿRebecca Morales, San Diego Automotive Museum curator, says, “It was a natural choice to bring ?Motocross America: The Early Years’ to our Museum. ÿThe exhibit will allow Southern California audiences a fresh look at the cultural phenomenon that is motocross.”

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