Ever heard of a Gori? Ever seen a Gori? Now you have.

Moto-Gori was founded by Giancarlo Gori in 1968. Moto Gori’s first bikes were 50cc offroad motorcycles with motocross, enduro and trials bikes to follow. They manufactured bikes with Rotax, Moto Morini, Hiro, Minarelli, and Sachs engines is sizes as small as 50cc and as large as 500cc.

This is a 1971 Moto-Gori 50cc motocross bike powered by a Sachs engine.

In 1978, SWM motorcycles bought into Moto-Gori and the name was changed to just Gori. The SWM collaboration gave Gori access to SWM-tuned Rotax engines to replace their previous Sach powerplants. The 1980 Gori 250MX uses a rotary-valve Rotax engine. Gori made 125, 250, 406 and 500 models.

An MX250 with coil spring shocks.

Moto-Gori dabbled in road racing in 1975 with the Moto-Gori Sachs 125 ridden by Guido Valli.

Belgian Gilbert De Roover on his Sacha-powered Open class bike.

The Gori brand disappeared in the late 1980s—along with the original SWM brand. The most famous of the Gori factory riders was Gilbert De Roover.

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