brazil3Brazil had an enthusiastic crowd and Beto Carrero was popular with the riders.

According to Youthstream: “Due to the unstable political situation and financial difficulties, the MXGP of Brazil’s organizer, Romagnolli Promocoes e Eventos, informed us that they are not able to organize the 2015 MXGP of Brazil foreseen on the 16 August in Trindade.”

“Youthstream is currently in negotiations with CBM (Brazilian Motorcycle Federation) to organize the event at another venue in Brazil. After the CBM President’s – Mr. Henrique Alves Firmo – declarations we are optimist that the MXGP of Brazil will go ahead, but in any case the event will be replaced.”

It is no secret that teams did not want to go to Brazil on August 16. They have nothing against racing in Brazil, but the August 16 date was a stand-alone fly-away race that would have required the teams to leave from the Belgian GP on August 2 to get to Brazil on August 16, then fly back to Europe for the Dutch Grand Prix on August 30, then fly to Mexico for the Mexican GP on September 13.  Not to mention that USGP at Glen Helen on September 20 is one week before the MXDN on September 27, which means the teams will have 7 days to get back to France for that race. One good thing about the USGP is that American riders not selected to be on the three-man Team USA this year, will have a shot at racing against the Euros at Glen Helen the week before the des Nations.

Youthstream wants to find some other venue, with deep pockets, in Brazil, which shoots down the excuse that the cancelation is due to the “unstable political situation.” If they replace the August 16 date with another race, let’s hope it is in Europe.

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