After Washington governor Jay Inslee announced this morning that he is prohibiting events of more than 250 people to go on in three Washington counties, FELD Entertainment was forced to cancel the Seattle Supercross. One of the three counties which this prohibition is affecting is King county which covers the city of Seattle where the thirteenth round of Supercross was schedule to be held. FELD Entertainment has announced that round thirteen of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season has been canceled in a brief press release. You can read the statement from FELD and learn more about the situation and Gov. Inlsee’s press conference below:

FELD Entertainment stated:“In accordance with the governor’s restrictions on group gatherings in King County amid coronavirus concerns, the upcoming Monster Energy Supercross event scheduled on March 28, 2020 at CenturyLink Field in Seattle has been cancelled.”

“Refund information for fans is located at”

“The 13th race in the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross series will be rescheduled. For more information please continue to get real time updates at”


With the outbreak of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19, people around the world are stressing out as we are all hearing different reports about the virus. Some people brush it off without hesitation while others are taking all measures possible to protect themselves. But, no matter if you think it’s a serious threat or not, it has become a threat for Supercross and other sporting events across the country. As of Wednesday March 11th when the governor of Washington, Jay Inslee began his press conference, there were reported 31 deaths of the Coronavirus in the United States and 24 of the deaths have come from Washington state. This morning, Wednesday March 11th, the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee announced that certain events with over 250 participants in the King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties are now prohibited through March by order of the governor. The Seattle Supercross was scheduled to take place on March 28th in downtown Seattle, Washington, inside of the CenturyLink Field, and now the race has been canceled and FELD Entertainment is looking to reschedule round 13 of the Monster Energy Supercross series. Scroll below for the most important quotes from the press conference, for the official press conference video and more.

“All events of more than 250 people are prohibited and in addition, events with fewer than 250 unless organizers can take steps to minimize the risks taken to participants.”

Washington State governor Jay Inslee said: “It is clear that our state needs a more vigorous and more comprehensive and more progressive position if we are going to slow the spread of this epidemic. So today I am announcing steps to help communities contain COVID-19. When I do so, I have an understanding listening to the scientific community that this is not just your ordinary flu. This is a virus that the experts tell us are at least ten times more potentially fatal than the flu and this demands a response consistent with the nature of the threat. We have already lots 24 of our citizens and we mourn their loss. As of yesterday we had 268 presumptive cases of this virus with hundreds if not thousands of more who we know are on our streets who may not even know that they have the virus. So starting today, I am ordering, pursuant to my emergency powers, that certain events in King County, Snohomish County and Pierce county with more than 250 people will are prohibited by order of the governor.  These events that are prohibited are gatherings for social, recreational, spiritual and other matters. Including but not limited to community, civic, public, leisure, faith based or sporting events, parades, concerts, festivals, conventions and similar activities of that dimension are prohibited going forward. The three counties affected have been chosen because they are experiencing significant community transmission, significant outbreaks and they are large population centers. This prohibition could be expanded in the coming days depending on the expansion of the virus. These counties could be removed at a future order as well.”


Governor Jay Inslee also mentioned: “I spoke with the Vice President about these strategies this morning and we have been in constant communication with the federal government on multiple levels and they are going to issue in some guidance shortly that is very much consistent with our thinking here in Washington. These are not easy decisions. The decisions we are making today and the decisions we probably will be making in the upcoming days are going to be profoundly disturbing for a lot of the ways we live our lives today. But I believe they are the right ones. They are there necessary ones. They are ones based on how we feel about loved ones in our lives. They are based on science. And they’re based on the fact that we are all going to work together to limit the consequences on businesses and families.”

“We have starting with this prohibition through March with these three counties. It is very, highly likely that it will be extended beyond March. That can be decided at that time.”

“This order is not intended for grocery or retail establishments or other family events.”

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