You can’t find a more casual, laid-back, motocross race anywhere on the planet. REM’s weekly Glen Helen races are held high above the Glen Helen National and Grand Prix track. And while Although parts of REM have been used in the AMA National and FIM MXGP races, it has a history that dates back to the early 1970s, when it was know as Arroyo Cycle Park. Arroyo sat vacant for decades as the focus turned to the more famous Glen Helen National track, until Frank and Myra Thomason moved their REM races from Carlsbad Raceway to Glen Helen Raceway—where they cleaned up and rebuilt Arroyo as a rider friendly local motocross track.

You might asked, “Why would someone built a track right next to a more famous track?” Because there was a demand for a pure motocross track where local racers could enjoy themselves without the pressures of trying of live up to the demands of the massive hills on the GP track. Of course REM also has big hills, but the focus is on safety, which draws a weekly crowd of old school racers—and more than few factory riders looking for a place to come back from injury at. Glen Helen actually has more than just the National track and the REM track, it has three Supercross tracks, a Lucas Oil Offroad Truck track and 900 acres of offroad trails (thus, REM’s Saturday races fit right into their plans).

Every week at REM, riders from other countries show up to challenge themselves in classes from 250 Beginner to 450 Pro. It is a destination racetrack. One that you not only want to see, but to actually race on. Brit Adam Duckworth, from Moto Head, came to REM to shoot a video so that the folks back home in Jolly Olde England could learn what the “World’s Most Famous Local Motocross” is all about.

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