We may have seen Chad Reed’s last ride on a Honda last weekend at Miller Motorsports Park.

According to reports in the Australian media, it appears that Chad will skip Lake Elsinore and the Monster Cup as he prepares to switch brands for the 2014 season. But more significantly, Chad Reed will not race the Motocross des Nations for Team Australia. As with most Chad Reed news, it has to be gleaned from Tweets and cryptic messages because that is how he handles press releases. Given that Chad told his fans, via Twitter, that he would see them in 2014 earlier this week, sat out the second moto last weekend, was reportedly testing other brands on Tuesday and dropped off the Australian Motocross des Nations team yesterday, the logical conclusion is that his 2013 season is over.

Instant collector’s item: This is Chad’s 2013 MXDN Hat that will not get worn.

As for the MXDN, Todd Waters has already been tabbed to take Reed’s place. Waters will join Brett Metcalfe and Dean Ferris on the team. Reed tweeted, “Toughest decision when you have to make the call to not represent your country. Will miss the opportunity to put on the green & gold. Tough decision but with my ongoing battle with Pasco county and not at 100% I don’t feel good about taking a spot on team Australia’s MXDN team. Good luck guys! I’ll be back in 14.”

The 2013 FIM Motocross des Nations will be held at Teutschenthal, Germany, on September 29.

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