BENGTABERGjustynnorekSwede Bengt Aberg was a two-time 500cc World Champion. Note the rubber flap on the front fender, right side drum front brake and stenciled on numbers that were applied with spray paint. Photo: Justyn Norek

Swedish riders have won the 500 World Championship 10 times since 1957. Bengt Aberg (above) won in 1969 and 1970. The last Swede to win the premier class was Marcus Hanssen in 1994.

For those not in the know, the nickname “Bent Akront” was a play on the pronunciation of his first name (Bengt), while Akront was the brand name of a popular aluminum rim—back when bikes came with steel rims.

You may also remember that Kent Howerton was often called “Bengt Hooperton” by American fans during his days at Husqvarna. Why Bengt Hooperton, because it made him sound more Swedish—although he was a Texan.

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