44JOELJoel Robert, pronounced (Row-Bear), was a six-time 250 World Champion, but he wasn’t a dour, stern-faced. motocross star. He wanted to have fun. Here he is at a velodrome, note the cycling shoes, taking laps around the apron with a model on the back. She has a helmet on, he’s wearing a bowler hat. We don’t know about the striped suit, but it is all very “Clockworks Orange.”

55JOELJoel wasn’t a hard training maniac. He depended on natural talent to get him through the 40-minute GP motos of the day. He ate whatever he wanted.

66JOELJoel wants to make sure that the photographer knows that the Grand Prix course goes that way. Note the total lack of track fences, only ribbon strung between posts on the hill in the background

77JOELYou may not be surprised to see Joel Robert sitting on a racehorse at a press conference, but the cigarette in his mouth may shock you. Joel smoked and this press event was sponsored by Camel cigarettes.

88JOELHelmet? What helmet? Shirt? What shirt? Boots? What boots?

99JOELWhen the team was sponsored by Levi’s Jeans, Joel wasn’t above donning a wig for a good laugh.

Joel had  natural talent.


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