Ryan Dungey now has a big points lead.
Photo: Hoppenworld

One week after claiming his first win of the season and KTM’s first-ever AMA 450 National win, KTM’s Ryan Dungey grabbed his second straight 450 class victory with a 1-1 moto sweep. In the 250 class, Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac became the first repeat winner in the 250 class with a 2-1 overall.

450 CLASS:

Ryan Dungey said, “Mike Alessi put up a fight in both motos. t was a crazy one. These were the toughest conditions I’ve experienced here, but the bike worked really well throughout the day. Every race and every championship series goes differently, so I’ll keep my head down and go one race at a time. To celebrate the win is awesome; you’ve got to enjoy it, but its time to go to work again. You’re only as good as your last race and you’ve got to be there every single weekend.”

Alessi’s pair of runner-up efforts gave him a season-best finish of second overall, while Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer ounded out the podium in third (3-3) for the second consecutive round.

James Stewart finished fifth in the first moto, but did not return to compete in moto two, still feeling the effects of a crash at the previous stop. “Halfway through the first moto I could barely hold on,” said Stewart. “I was struggling a bit because I got a bad start, but I was working my way up. I was trying to do my best to hold on and I almost fell over a few times. I knew I wasn’t 100 percent and I felt like I at least needed to try and do that, but I couldn’t. I was still going to try and give it another shot for the second moto, but the team knew about my riding. We’ll see what we can do maybe next weekend or in a few weeks.”

Dungey extended his 450 points lead to 42 points over Alessi, who moved into second.

250 CLASS:

Justin Barcia kicked off the day by grabbing the holeshot and leading all 16 laps of moto one of the 250 class, but in moto two KTM’s Ken Roczen grabbed the lead early and pulling away from the field. Behind him, the battle ensued for the overall win between Barcia and Blake Baggett, as the two riders went bar-to-bar for most of the moto, before Baggett asserted himself into second. However, Baggett fell out of contention and Eli Tomac joined the fight, eventually working his way past Barcia in the closing moments and took the lead from Roczen, who fell. Tomac’s 2-1 took the win with Barcia second and Roczen third overall (5-2).

“Eli Tomac said, “That second moto was a lot of work. I never really gave in and kept fighting. Kenny (Roczen) had that mistake, so I ended up getting a chance for the win and I capitalized on it. I really think it was one of the best rides I’ve ever had because I had to come from so far behind. I think I was about sixth or seventh out of the gate.”

Blake Baggett, who finished fourth overall  with a 3-5, still maintains the points lead, holding a seven-point advantage over Barcia.

1. Ryan Dungey…1-1
2. Mike Alessi…2-2
3. Jake Weimer…3-3
4. Andrew Short…4-8
5. Davi Millsaps…9-4
6. Brett Metcalfe…7-5
7. Broc Tickle…6-9
8. Ryan Sipes…12-6
9. Nico Izzi…8-10
10. Michael Byrne…13-7
11. Justin Brayton…11-13
12. Kyle Chisholm…14-12
13. James Stewart…5-39
14. Vince Friese…16-14
15. Josh Grant…10-38
16. Kyle Regal…25-11
17. Jimmy Albertson…18-15
18. Ben LaMay…17-17
19. Billy Laninovich…20-16
20. Matt Lemoine…15-36
Other notables: 21. Austin Howell; 23. Justin Sipes; 24. Sean Borkenhagen; 25. Nick Wey.

Barcia, Tomac and Roczen. Photo: Hoppenworld

250 CLASS:
1. Eli Tomac…2-1
2. Justin Barcia…1-3
3. Ken Roczen…5-2
4. Blake Baggett…3-5
5. Marvin Musquin…6-4
6. Wil Hahn…4-9
7. Ivan Tedesco…7-10
8. Jason Anderson…13-6
9. Kyle Cunningham…14-7
10. Jessy Nelson…10-11
11. Alex Martin…8-13
12. Gareth Swanepoel…15-8
13. Travis Baker…11-12
14. Kyle Peters…12-15
15. Jake Canada…9-34
16. Dakota Tedder…17-14
17. Matt Moss…18-17
18. Hunter Hewitt…30-16
19. Blake Wharton…16-38
20. Zack Freeberg…36-18
Other notables: 22. A.J. Cantazaro; 28. Travis Bell; 32. Myles Tedder; 39. Malcolm Stewart.

Alessi, Dungey and Weimer. Photo: Hoppenworld

(After 4 of 12 races)

1. Ryan Dungey…186
2. Mike Alessi…144
3. Jake Weimer…141
4. Andrew Short…128
5. James Stewart…116
6. Brett Metcalfe…114
7. Nico Izzi…95
8. Broc Tickle…90
9. Josh Grant…84
10. Kyle Chisholm…66
Other notables: 11. Justin Brayton; 14. Davi Millsaps; 16. Tommy Hahn; 17. Jimmy Albertson;  18. Bobby Kiniry; 21. Kyle Regal; 29. Nick Wey.

(After 4 of 12 races)

1. Blake Baggett…175
2. Justin Barcia…168
3. Eli Tomac…164
4. Ken Rocaen…158
5. Marvin Musquin…117
6. Wil Hahn…101
7. Blake Wharton…87
8. Ivan Tedesco…86
9. Kyle Cunningham…86
10. Jason Anderson…77
Other notables: 13. Travis Baker; 14 Gareth Swanepoel; 17. Martin Davalos; 18. Malcolm Stewart; 22. Justin Bogle; 26. Killy Rusk.

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