2020 Atlanta Supercross_Justin Barcia-1758Justin Barcia leaves Yamaha and signs with the factory GasGas team for 2021. 


Justin Barcia has been with the Yamaha team since 2018. For 2021, Justin will be jumping ship to the newly formed GasGas team. Rumors of Justin Barcia’s potential ride options for 2021 have been going around for a while now. We’ve heard rumors of Justin going all the way to Europe to race in the MXGPs. This was thought to be coming from left field, but it was justified by saying “his wife is British and maybe she wants to be home again.” We’ve also heard rumors of him staying with Yamaha and moving from the factory blue tent to the Star Racing organization. Mixed in with those rumors were talks of Justin Barcia going to GasGas. After KTM purchased the GasGas brand, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we’d have a factory GasGas team racing in AMA Supercross and the AMA Nationals.

Now, we know that the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull KTM team will be trading their orange shirts for red GasGas apparel and KTM will take their 250 program back under their Red Bull KTM umbrella (mostly likely with Max Vohland). Prior to Monday, September 21st, we didn’t have a lot of hard evidence to report on. But, on Monday morning we were forwarded a communication from an insider close to Justin Barcia, sent to an insider close to both Yamaha and MXA, stating that Barcia and GasGas had come to an agreement for 2021 (we aren’t naming either insider because they weren’t official sources inside GasGas).

Justin Barcia 2021 GasGasHere’s a mock-up example photo with Justin Barcia’s number on the factory GasGas MC450 MXGP bike. 

In this rumor-fueled sport, we weren’t convinced that Barcia was, in fact, going to GasGas. We needed official confirmation about the Barcia/GasGas relationship. There is only one man who could confirm or deny if Barcia was going to race a GasGas in 2021. That man was Roger DeCoster, who is in charge of the three Austrian brand’s factory teams (KTM, Husky, GasGas). We called Roger and he confirmed that Barcia will be on the GasGas factory team in 2021 (we also talked to Justin Barcia after the post went up).

We can hardly wait to see Justin Barcia back in red again—only this time it will be on a GasGas.

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