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Coming into last year, no one knew what to expect from Jason Anderson. The longtime Rockstar Husqvarna rider had ended his long-term contract with Husky and moved to the Monster Energy Kawasaki team. But Anderson quickly proved that his decision to change was for the better! Jason would go on to win seven Supercross Main Events and finish second in the Championship standings behind Eli Tomac. It appeared “El Hombre,” who won the 450SX Championship in 2018, clearly was back. So far this season, Anderson has won heat races but is yet to win a Main Event. His chief rivals from 2022, Eli Tomac, and Chase Sexton are back up front, along with a revitalized Cooper Webb. This year has also seen Ken Roczen grab a win, with Justin Barcia and Aaron Plessinger running up in podium position as well. Jason is still one of the elite riders of the sport, but he simply hasn’t had the same success as he did last year. Still, 2023 Supercross has been crazy and eventful. It wouldn’t be out of the norm to see the New Mexico native capture a win in the upcoming rounds. We had a chance to talk with Jason in Detroit to get his take on the season. 

By Jim Kimball


JASON, WHAT GRADE WOULD YOU GIVE YOURSELF ON YOUR SEASON TO DATE? I don’t know, maybe a “C+.” To be honest, I feel that it really depends on how the rest of the season goes for me to see what my final grade is. But I do feel like it has been tough. I have had some flashes here and there, but it is not what we want exactly.

QUITE OFTEN, I WILL BE WATCHING THE RACING WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE AND WILL HEAR SOMEONE SAY, “JASON ANDERSON IS THE FASTEST GUY ON THE TRACK RIGHT NOW.” It is crazy because I have had nights where I have been putting down some lap times that are the fastest of everyone. But it just has not really translated into results this year. It is something that is a little frustrating for me, but at the same time, I am lucky to be here and going back home during the week to try to figure it out. 

Detroit 2023 Supercross_JAson AndersonSo far this season, Jason Anderson has been on the podium twice. He was second at the Anaheim 2 Triple Crown and third at the Houston Supercross.

A LOT OF LITTLE THINGS HAPPEN THAT ARE OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. MAYBE SOMEBODY CRASHES IN FRONT OF YOU OR HITS YOU. Yes, it is crazy. You feel like some years it is like you are going against the grain the whole time. You keep trying and have the opportunity. But then you just see it slip away time and time again. I think being able to push through that and to be able to make the best out of every situation is key, and it is key to be able to do that all the time—to be able to push through that adversity. Sometimes you have seasons where it just goes your way. For right now, I am going into my 14th year of racing professionally. I understand that after racing so much that sometimes it just does not work out. You just keep pushing and you don’t forget the end goal, and it will work out at some point.

Jason Anderson Justin Barcia 2023 Indianapolis Supercross-5321

I STILL CONSIDER YOU IN THE “FAST FOUR” GROUP, WITH TOMAC, WEBB, AND SEXTON. I want to stay in that group, and I don’t feel like I see the end in sight. As far as my belief in my riding and everything like that, I want to stay in that group for many years to come. Sometimes we get frustrated when we get fourth or something but for me, it is a cool spot to be in. If I were a kid, knowing I would be in this position or top group for this many years, it would be freaking cool.

YOU HAVE BEEN TO MANY OF THESE VENUES OVER THE YEARS, DO YOU HAVE ONES THAT YOU LOOK FORWARD TO? Yes, there are some that are not even my favorite place to go but, I really do well there. I really like the Atlanta Speedway. For me, it seems to come a little easier than other tracks. It is not necessarily that I like it, but it is a high-speed track and that somewhat scares me. It is just little things about a venue that makes it memorable or interesting. There are venues that you go to that you enjoy more, and it gives off a cooler vibe for you to be there.  

Jason Anderson 2023 Indianapolis Supercross-2449

YOU RETURNED TO LIVE IN NEW MEXICO NOW, BUT YOU MUST STILL BE IN CALIFORNIA TOO, RIGHT? I have a track and a home in New Mexico. My wife and I moved there, and we go back and forth. We stayed there for about five months this past year. But, since we are having a child, we are trying to stay in one spot for the whole year. Our girl is due in April, and we will stay in California all year just because it is easier for my wife. As the future goes on, we might be going back and forth again, because New Mexico is home for me. I enjoy the break from the California and Florida motocross scene, and it is nice to be there.

DO YOU HAVE ANY FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE REST OF THE SEASON? ARE YOU WORKING ON YOURSELF OR THE BIKE? Yes, we are working a little on the bike and a little on myself. To be honest, if we could get more speed, it will just make our lives easier. We are always trying to get that, always trying to improve our fitness and body and everything. And improve that mental game.  

Detroit 2023 Supercross_Jason Anderson

HOW WAS DETROIT FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE? My day started out strong with good times in qualifying and I knew my bike was in a good spot to be competitive on this track. I grabbed the holeshot in my Heat Race and led start to finish, so the goal was to carry that into the Main Event. I started a little further back in the top 10 and then while trying to battle my way forward, I got close with Adam in the whoops and just lost it. After I got up from the crash everything was pretty tweaked, so I focused on making the most of it and salvaged what I could for a top-10.


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