Of all the motocross fans around the globe none are more hardcore, dedicated and enthusiastic than the two-stroke aficionados. They love their bikes and will quote page and chapter of all of the benefits of a smoker over a four-stroke. Dennis Stapleton raced the AMA Nationals when two-stroke still ruled the roost and has been to virtually every round of the World Two-Stroke Championship since it was started in 2010.

Paradoxically the World Two-Stroke Championship was the replacement race for the World Four-Stroke Championship. The Four-Stroke Championships were created in 1976 by hardcore, dedicated and enthusiastic four-stroke aficionados who loved the four-stroke era that the two-strokes brought an end in 1966.

The Four-Stroke World Championship came to an end when no one was racing anything but four-strokes. The idea of a special four-stroke race made sense when four-strokes were the underdogs, but not when four-stroke were the power elite.

And that is when the World Four-Stroke Championships became the World Two-Stroke Championships. Maybe someday, the tide will shift again.

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